Vote for “Trust is a Must” at SXSW Edu 2019

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The SXSW EDU Conference & Festival fosters innovation in learning bringing together key stakeholders with a goal of impacting the future of teaching and learning.  The festival takes place in the tech-hub center of Austin, Texas and the 2019 theme will be “The Future of Learning Starts Here.”  ClassWallet CEO & Founder, Jamie Rosenberg, is in the running to be a panelist, along with Esther Wojcicki and Max McGee and we need you to cast your vote for us to speak!

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Without quality teachers or enough teachers to fill classrooms, how can any advancement in education reform or technology succeed?

The teacher is the most fundamental and important player in K12 education; she’s where the “rubber hits the road,” how curriculum and education technology is delivered to the child.  Teaching used to be a revered position in society.  Today it is very far from that, and the consequences for our children and communities are dire.

If districts were to invest in trust by creating conditions and taking tangible, purposeful measures that reflect their respect, value, and appreciation for teachers, they could not only enhance morale and improve their school climate, but also increase teacher retention, attract the best new teachers (as well as veterans from other districts) and thus improve student achievement.

If selected, our panel will explore how districts can invest in trust with concrete, purposeful measures that “walk the talk” of valuing and trusting teacher agency.  Audience members will learn and be able to replicate proven practices and policies to instill trust in school and district leadership. We hope to be able to address this critical issue!

Panel Speakers

Esther Wojcicki, Founder Palo Alto High Media Arts Center
Jamie Rosenberg, Founder & CEO, ClassWallet
Max McGee, President of HYA

What The Community Has To Say:

“While raising teacher pay may attract more teachers, do you really want more dollar motivated educators in the classroom? Most undertook the journey as they believe in the future. That’s an implicit trust in our children, and it requires the rest of us to trust teachers for them to be effective. That doesn’t mean less accountability or fewer consequences, but it does mean more intangible resources if we are to expect teachers to perform at the top of their game. Trust is at the top of that intangible resources list. This is an essential panel for SXSW Edu.”

“This is a critical conversation. One of the foundations of trust is the articulation and acceptance of a set of values/standards/expectations. At a very basic level, when educators trust one another, it creates the space for teachers to work, with confidence and a sense of agency, in their classrooms. They can teach with purpose, knowing that their work is valued and focused in a direction that is consistent with the broader context of the school. Their work matters.”

“Teacher retention improves student outcomes. The more we can learn about this the better off our students will be.”


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