EANS Testimonial Video

Need an easier way to distribute funds from EANS? Hear from our customers on how how easy it can be with ClassWallet.

Supporting EANS Administration with Digital Wallet Technology

Currently, ClassWallet’s digital wallet technology is being used in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Carolina, and to support the EANS program. In these states, non-public schools have access to funds and easy-to-use tools to submit for reimbursement and pay approved vendors for purchases. The digital wallet streamlines the distribution and management, including … Continue reading “Supporting EANS Administration with Digital Wallet Technology”

ESAs and Digital Wallets

ESAs were originally created to give parents of students with disabilities the funding that they can use to tailor expenditures to the individual needs of their student. Today ESAs are usually earmarked for low-income families and students with disabilities. Parents use the funds for everything from private school tuition, tutors, therapy, and devices. Recently, states … Continue reading “ESAs and Digital Wallets”

A year of change!

December 14, 2021 This year was a transformative year for ClassWallet.  Our growth has been incredibly exciting and fulfilling. We were able to positively impact the lives of so many educators, families and students, while delivering real value to our customers in the business offices we serve. Equally as rewarding has been seeing the ClassWallet … Continue reading “A year of change!”

What is a Digital Wallet? And Why Your School District Needs to Adopt the Technology

The 2021-22 school year is now underway, and we are well into the 21st century. The digital revolution, which marked a move from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the digital technology available today, began more than 40 years ago. And a much more efficient means of handling expenditures—digital wallets—first came on the scene more … Continue reading “What is a Digital Wallet? And Why Your School District Needs to Adopt the Technology”

What are you thankful for?

November 23, 2021 No matter the circumstances, one ClassWallet tradition has remained steadfast from the very beginning—our weekly Win/Gratitude meetings. At these weekly meetings, our entire team (now 80) gets together and shares the good things for the week, and the people and experiences they are grateful for. Team members have shared personal triumphs and … Continue reading “What are you thankful for?”