ClassWallet for Education

Manage school, classroom, and building purchases in a streamlined and digital way

Empowering Possibilities

ClassWallet is a champion for finance leaders and their teams by transforming manual, paper-based processes into digital workflows. From purchasing to reimbursements we streamline the process, keeping you in the driver's seat.

Procurement for state agencies, non-profit organizations and schools
  • Remove the paperwork and manual processes from tracking and reconciling
  • Easily establish spending limits
  • No more chasing receipts
  • Approve transactions in real time
  • Automate the payment process
  • Improve work culture

How It Works

Secure and flexible ways to track, pay and report.

  1. Establish Budget & Controls
    Set your spending rules
  2. Choose Custom Payment Options
    Users have 4 ways to pay: debit, ACH, ecommerce and reimbursement
  3. Easily Manage Payments & Receipts
    Customizable eMarketplace
    and over 80+ merchants & partners
  4. Approvals without Delays
    Seamless digital approval process saves time and headaches
  5. Audit Ready Real Time Reports
    Boost accountability, transparency and shorten audit prep time
ClassWallet Digital Wallet - how it works for government and education

Digital wallets streamline and automate processes that are traditionally manual and burdensome

Finance leaders love ClassWallet

Finance leaders love us because:

You have clear visibility into all transactions, regardless of how big or small. You stay in total control, setting spending limits, and approving purchases. Your team saves significant time and money by simplifying the purchasing & reimbursement process.

Principals love us because:

Educators are empowered to shop on their own, which means site personnel aren’t burdened with placing those orders. No more staff asking “how much do I have left to spend?” - see your balance online in real time. No more receipt reconciliation and management of purchases.
Prinicipals love ClassWallet
Maintenance & operations love ClassWallet

Maintenance & Operations Teams love us because:

No more open PO’s to manage. No more credit card statements to reconcile. Receipt collection is digital and easy.

Educators love us because:

No more long waits for purchase approvals or reimbursements. Staff can shop in our online marketplace and never have to spend money out of their own pocket. Want to shop local? No problem, shop, submit receipts and be reimbursed within 48 hours.
Educators love ClassWallet
of teachers in the US have ClassWallet
schools use ClassWallet
students served

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ClassWallet is the Better Way
to Manage Your Purchasing and
Reimbursement Process!