8 Months Remaining: EANS Best Spending Practices

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While EANS (Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools) funding may be considered controversial, streamlining an otherwise unruly spending and reimbursement process is not.

ClassWallet is working to ensure accountability by providing a digital platform to support decentralized spending (educator empowerment!) with centralized funding (administrators prepare to ace the audit!). There’s a better way to disseminate public and private funds and we wrote the book on it.

Upgrade Technology: Make the Switch from Chalkboard to SMART Board

Upgrading technology is an easy win for remote as well as in-person learning. For in-person learning, new computers and smart boards win the day and for remote, having a laptop best sets a child up for success! Behind the scenes, improve connectivity with high speed internet servers throughout your campus.

"We were able to purchase all new 85" Smart Boards for all classrooms and all updated technology for teachers and for students," Dr. Lorena Morrison, Miami Christian School

"We updated technology to help students close the learning gaps due to COVID. Having the new tablets for students to use while working on their IXL (live diagnostic program) that is specifically used for measuring student performance and identifying learning gaps to focus on has been a blessing. Without a doubt, all of the technology we have gained through EANS funds have helped and will continue to help improve student achievement for many years to come," Daniel Padron, Bell Shoals Academy.

Robots and Drones: Embrace STEM Labs and Instruction

EANS funds can further the (re)development of STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) instruction with more modern engaging supplies like drone kits, robots, interactive floor panels and 3D anatomy for use in physiology simulation labs. Additionally, funds can be used in support of professional development for pedagogy and learning more about classroom management and instructional design techniques, by way of example. All exciting curriculum choices to further STEM areas of study.

"We replaced aging teacher computers, purchased Interactive white boards for the classroom, paid for Chromebooks for 4th and 5th grade, and replaced the computer labs computers," Susan Dorner, St. Michael Academy.

Support Staff: Hire Teachers, Therapists and Tutors

Now is a great time to find staff for teacher shortages. Support staff contracts are allowed to run through the end of the grant cycle which is 09/30/23 for EANS and 09/30/24 for EANS II.

"The single greatest impact the EANS funding provided for our school was improved test scores through services," Cindy Lamoureux, Glades Day School"

"…Secondly, funds allowed us to have a summer school for the first time in our 70 year history," Stephanie Engelhardt, Christ the King

"We were able to update our technology for every student. Supply online assistance and extra programs in areas where students were struggling," Cheryl Byrd, Lighthouse Christian Academy

Pastels or Primary Colors: Get Creative In (or Outside) the Classroom

Continual examination of the traditional classroom setting in favor of one that may better allow for the free exchange of ideas, thoughts and skills is a great exercise. Choosing a soothing color palette, quiet meditation area or calm room can help to reduce student anxiety and contribute to a more conducive classroom setting that positively impacts learning. Testing new design configurations can be supported with EANS funding, along with less creative but necessary uses including filtration systems.

"These purchases significantly improved our reading and math program, as well as the assurance our air was clean, and we were able to keep everyone healthy," Denise Jordan, Next Generation Academic

"We updated technology and provided computers to help with distance learning and one-on-one instruction. We created outdoor classrooms to provide students fresh air in a comfortable learning environment. We implemented services that allowed students to close the gaps," Tamey Jones, The Shepherd’s School

Social and Emotional: Creating Safe and Positive Learning Spaces

The United States Department of Education has a large initiative in support of social and emotional learning. ClassWallet held a webinar on the CASEL 5: self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship skills. These are interrelated areas of competence that help cultivate the social and emotional skills to advance student learning. For example, having a doll house, light table, and play kitchen in the classroom requires kids to work and talk together. With these types of opportunities and proper instruction, children will ideally feel safe to explore, enabling the safety net and self-assuredness for academic learning.

"EANS helped us greatly in bridging the learning gap by allowing movable classroom furniture for small group and individualized instruction, updated technology to keep the lines of communication open and provide greater opportunities for engagement, and services that helped students achieve learning goals," Barbara Kavanagh, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

Don’t Waste Time: Select an Approved Vendor in Your State

As we approach the wind down period, ClassWallet makes it easy to ensure vendor alignment. Simply select the, "pay vendor" tab to reveal a list of approved vendors and contacts. If you have a relationship with a vendor not currently in our Direct Pay platform, please find a link to all our state pre-registration pages here: https://classwallet.com/classwallet-eans.

"The ability to provide air purifiers in every area that staff and students meet; also, devices and computers allowing students to remain in protected distances to avoid viruses (especially COVID). These devices need constant charging; EANS provided the means to purchase needed charging stations. Also, our campus is an acre with four buildings; the students are monitored to avoid contact with neighbor’s and strangers that could possible be carrying a virus. Our new camera system covers blind spots; a major help in keeping staff and students safe. Each class has smart boards, helping with keeping classes isolated and safe while using the equipment," Luis A. Vega, The Way Christian Academy

Unlock the full potential of public funds. As the grant cycle comes to a close, ClassWallet is a partner in ensuring available dollars reach the right people for the right purpose.

"The upgrading of our Technology across the board has been a super plus to our student’s learning experience. It has also given our teaching staff the ability to take their teaching methods to the next level; whereas our students are impacted and excited about learning," Moriyah Yashar’el, SOUL Academy

ClassWallet has industry expertise with EANS and other state programs, and distributes payments for 20% of the country. If you have questions about how to spend and properly account for funds, let ClassWallet help you better focus on the critical needs of your community by streamlining and improving your current process.