Digital Wallet

Purchasing and Reimbursements Made Simple

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet is a tool that educational institutions and agencies can give to a distributed network of individuals or organizations to make "rule-based" purchases.

ClassWallet Digital Wallet app, multi-device
Digital wallets allow users to purchase in a flexible but controlled manner, and allow administrators to maintain compliance and oversight in order to manage budget fidelity and program rules.
  • Create User Spending Rules
  • Digitize & Store Invoices and Statements
  • Map Invoices to Outstanding Payables
  • Automatically or Manually Approve Orders
  • Automate Payment to Vendors
  • Export Real-time Auditable Reports

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Digital Wallet User Features

A digital wallet enables users to purchase goods and services with vendors and service providers that are approved by the funding agency.

For Administrators:

Digital wallets enable you to appropriate funding to multiple users and establish distinct rules and restrictions on how those funds can be used.
  • Curate and establish approved vendors and service providers
  • Pre-approve purchase and reimbursement receipts to ensure compliance
  • Authorize payments and reimbursements
  • Access audit-ready reporting
Administrator using ClassWallet
ClassWallet user

For Users:

A digital wallet enables users to purchase goods and services with pre-approved vendors and service providers.
  • Shop online with agency approved vendors
  • Submit receipts for reimbursement
  • Submit invoices and request ACH payment to agency approved service providers
  • Submit debit card receipts

Process Automation, Reconciliation, and Reporting

Digital wallets streamline and automate processes that are traditionally manual and burdensome.

Create User Spending Rules

Set spending limits & expiration dates.

Establish controls.

Attach spending rules to specific types of purchases.

Create user spending rules with digital wallet
Digitize & store invoices

Digitize & Store Invoices and Statements

Digital capture of invoices, receipts and statements via phone or web.

Map Invoices to Outstanding Payables

Automate reconciliation of transactions to accounting codes with receipt images.

Map invoices to outstanding payables with the digital wallet
Automatically approve orders with ClassWallet

Automatically or Manually Approve Orders

Efficient, automated, single screen approvals for administrators.

Pre-approval workflow allows all transactions (with exception of linked debit cards) to be reviewed and authorized before settlement through the platform.

Automate Payment to Vendors

Automated payment settlements with the click of a button regardless of payment type.

Automate payment with ClassWallet digital wallet
Export auditable reports with ClassWallet

Export Real-Time Auditable Reports

Real-time reports available to administrators and users.

Export CSV files to import into ERP systems.

Live supporting data and documenatation for all transactions.

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