3 Ways to Bring Classroom Funding Into the Future With a Digital Wallet

Digital wallet services are changing the way individuals transfer funds. Personal spending is becoming increasingly digital. Companies have been pioneering digital wallet technology for personal payments since 2011, with Google being the first major corporation to offer mobile wallet technology. Now, these highly secure online payment tools are making their way from our personal lives … Continue reading “3 Ways to Bring Classroom Funding Into the Future With a Digital Wallet”

What is a Digital Wallet? And Why Your School District Needs to Adopt the Technology

The 2021-22 school year is now underway, and we are well into the 21st century. The digital revolution, which marked a move from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the digital technology available today, began more than 40 years ago. And a much more efficient means of handling expenditures—digital wallets—first came on the scene more … Continue reading “What is a Digital Wallet? And Why Your School District Needs to Adopt the Technology”

Thousands of Schools Use ClassWallet’s Tools to more Easily Make Financial Transactions

Refresh Miami: The Hub of Miami’s Tech & Startup Community Riley Kaminer  September 23, 2021 Miami-based edtech ClassWallet has grown 700% in the past year. It’s the mid-1990s, and Jamie Rosenberg is fresh off a law degree at the University of Miami. He’s working as a mergers and acquisitions attorney at top Brickell-based law firm … Continue reading “Thousands of Schools Use ClassWallet’s Tools to more Easily Make Financial Transactions”

EdTech Digest Feature of ClassWallet CEO

No stranger to education technology, Jamie Rosenberg has launched two successful technology companies in the space. His journey from mergers and acquisitions lawyer to social entrepreneur is a living example of how one person can change the world.

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How To Keep & Retain The Millennial Teacher

We sat down with international education consultant Jennifer Abrams to discuss what is needed for schools to keep and retain the millennial teacher and help this generation thrive.  Millennials make up the largest percentage of teachers, yet only 6% of superintendents think their district understands the needs of millennial teachers

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Do You Know What Motivates Millennial Teachers?

Hint: It’s not purchase orders, requisition forms and receipts. Millennials are the largest generation in the US labor force today.  That means 1 in 3 workers are now millennials and those entering school systems are not being supported in a way that is useful to their skills and needs.

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How the Finance Office Can Alleviate Teacher Shortage Problems

Providing teachers more control over classroom decisions is far more financially effective and efficient than trying to find ways to boost teacher salaries. If a teacher is choosing employment between two districts and District A gave each teacher a classroom budgeting tool that contained some funds for supplies, easy access to crowdfunding tools, additional funding that may originate from federal or local grants or PTA, and District B did not, what district do you think the teacher will choose to work for?

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Preventing P-Card Abuse & Fraud in Your District

Fraud and audit violations often happen with organizations that use Procurement-cards (P-Cards).  One reason is that P-Card fraud and misuse can be difficult to recognize until it ends up in the news.  Internal controls are meant to decrease fraud and abuse, however, P-Card purchasing data is limited.  This is one reason the misuse of funds occurs as frequently as it does.  Reconciliation reviews and monthly reports can identify suspicious activity, but don’t stop the fraud from occurring. 

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Empowering Teachers with Classroom Budgets

I have been working with teachers across our country for 20 years.  In 1998, I started AdoptAClassroom.org, funding classrooms in 30% of school markets, and in 2014 I launched ClassWallet, a spend management software.  In 2018, I have never seen teacher discontent as high as it is now.  Teachers are striking across the nation; teacher absenteeism is now a chronic problem; approximately 50% of teachers leave the profession after just 5 years.

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