Delivering the Promise

A smart platform for teachers became a brilliant solution for schools, state agencies, and beyond to deliver the potential of their impact

Our Story

ClassWallet’s initial goal was to create a simple technology that would easily allow teachers
to get the funds they needed for their classrooms.

The ClassWallet Way
After creating, ClassWallet’s founder and CEO, Jamie Rosenberg, discovered a unique insight - getting funding to teachers and schools, and tracking it is much harder than it should be.
There had to be a Better Way…
For many years, manual processes have stood in the gap to ensure compliance and controls when making purchases and paying reimbursements.

That’s why we invented our patented digital wallet technology. We understand the great balancing act of getting funding into the hands of those who need it while maintaining compliance and control. We also appreciate the great strain you work under as you continue to manage more with less staff and less support than ever before.

Industry-Leading Financial Technology Platform

The company has evolved from those roots to an industry-leading financial technology platform for both education and state and local agencies as an efficient and nimble digital wallet technology. Today, ClassWallet serves over 6,200 schools, 20% of all US State Agencies and serves over 4.1 million students.
ClassWallet Digital Wallet App

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the burden of the purchasing and reimbursement process so our customers can stay focused on their mission of making a difference—for schools, students, teachers, the community, and beyond.


The Vision

We are building a better future for students, teachers, families, and our communities by enabling schools, government agencies, and non-profits to get funds into the hands of those who need it most, when they need it, in a way that is easy to use.

Join Our Team

Our team is growing, come join us in our mission.

ClassWallet is the Better Way
to Manage Your Purchasing and
Reimbursement Process!