Making the Inc. 5000 List – a Behind the Scenes Look

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Inc. 500 List

Wow — We are truly honored to be included in this year’s Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the U.S. And to crack the top 1000 as #779 in our first year! We couldn’t have done it without the support of our customers, investors, and of course, a truly world-class team of committed, hard-working, and determined ClassWallet team members—We are grateful to everyone.

So what does it take to make such an exclusive list? We interviewed our CEO Jamie Rosenberg to give a little background on where ClassWallet started and where we are headed.

“When we started, there were only 5 of us—as of today, we are at about 160 and still growing—I’m awestruck! And to make a list like the Inc. 5000 and to come in under 1,000, wow, I’m humbled beyond words,” says CEO Jamie Rosenberg.

Although ClassWallet has grown, the heart of this company remains the same. Rosenberg stays true to his values, and even with the growth, he feels it’s essential to have a sense of community and employee engagement, “Every Friday, we have what I call a Win/Gratitude call. We get every staff member on the call and ask everyone to share one win they accomplished at work that week, no matter how big or small, and one thing they are grateful for, whether at work or home. It’s a great way to get to know each other on a work and personal level.” Since the company has grown, the meetings have evolved slightly to stay within the hour, so everyone now takes turns sharing each week based on timing. “We have employees all over the world, so it’s a great way to feel better connected to someone you work with every day or meet those you do not know or work with often. We may have stark differences in what we face in our lives each day, but on a human level, we find everyone is connected by wanting the best for our families and loved ones and feel valued for each of our contributions. There is a palpable sense that everyone wants to pitch in to help improve and expand our platform to improve the value and overall experience for our customers.”

Jamie also recently took the team on a company retreat for a few days of sand, sun, socializing, and a little team-building and work tossed in. “The team works hard. My job as a CEO is to keep them energized, refreshed, and engaged. Taking them out of the office for a few days shows them that I appreciate them and their work. They also come back with a fresh perspective on the Company’s vision and mission, and are ready to jump back in 110%. The best part for me is seeing people interact. I love when someone from El Salvador meets someone they talk to every day from Florida and meet for the first time in person, and they run up and hug each other and high-five. To see them bond is incredible, but even more impressive is the synergy that comes from that bond that results in better experiences for our customers and continued innovation—that’s where the real growth happens.”

More good news, we are growing. Are you interested in joining this awesome team? Check out our open positions.