What is the #1 New Year’s Resolution?

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ClassWallet Webinar - New Year's Resolutions

Find Out How to, “Just Shut Up and Do It!”

You may have rightly guessed it’s dieting. You may also not be surprised to learn only 12% will experience the taste of victory (pun intended). So how do you do it? Debra Doss Dixon reviewed the NY Times bestselling book, “Just Shut Up and Do It! 7 Steps to Achieve Goals,” in a webinar for ClassWallet. Gather round as we share the secrets to your success for the other 88%!

For Starters You Need to Have a Goal

What is it you really want to accomplish in your life? Begin each goal with the letter, “I” and follow it with an action verb that acts as a command and tell yourself you will be achieving this! Describe your goals in the present tense as though they have already been achieved. By way of example, if you want to buy a new car you might say, “I drive a new Lamborghini by June 1 or I am 11 pounds lighter and looking good for summer!” Think about purposefully directing the language so instead of, “I will quit smoking,” boast, “I am a non smoker!” This activates your subconscious to make it a fact.

Write it down and set a deadline! When you do this it becomes a commitment and forces you to stay focused. Think about the goal holistically and identify the obstacles. Ask yourself what’s stopping you because if we are honest in our exploration, there’s always a constraint that will limit us or set the speed of that goal. How will you move through the obstacles?

80% of the Reason You Can’t Get There Is Because You’re Holding Yourself Back

It seems so simple but do you have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your goal? Do you know how to properly diet? Have you analyzed your finances to know just how much to save for that car? Do you have the financial management necessary if you want to retire by 50? Begin by honestly identifying obstacles or deficits necessary for success and create a list of ways to overcome those obstacles.

Try this simple and compelling exercise – what is the one skill, if properly developed, would have the greatest positive impact on your life?! Go back to your number one resolution and hold it up to that light. This is tough work and you don’t have to go it alone. Look around for the helpers and share how they may be able to help you. By way of example, a great way to get healthy is to start walking so find a walking partner. Ask around for a financial planner and begin to inventory your assets. Be open to the idea that identifying who can help you achieve your goals may be necessary to achieving them.

Get organized by making a list of everything you need to do to achieve your goals. Combine the obstacles, knowledge and skills and add people whose help you may need to that list. Organize your list by sequence and priority and summon the discipline to work toward them every single day! In today’s world of distraction, discipline yourself to concentrate and practice visualizing your steps to achieving that goal! Only you can get out of your own way. You got this!

Follow these 7 Steps to Success

  1. Change your habits. The worst habits are the ones that limit us so stop saying “someday!” Someday I will lose the weight. NO! I’m 11 pounds lighter and looking good for summer.
  2. Take charge of your life. The words, “I’m responsible” put you back in the driver’s seat. Stop pointing fingers and accept 100% responsibility for the person you are today and for what you have or have not accomplished. You can do it!
  3. Dare to go forward. The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is by stepping outside your comfort zone. Oh, and pick up the pace. The faster you fail the faster you will succeed. Change the lens – you didn’t fail, it was a learning experience.
  4. Decide what you really want. Four simple steps: decide what you want to do, take action immediately, fail and learn quickly and try it again until you succeed.
  5. Overcome procrastination. Visualize the other side of this habit-task completion. It literally feels fantastic with the rush of endorphins so get out there and do it!
  6. Become a lifelong learner. Skills and knowledge are the antidote to doubt. Gather more information to increase the probability of your success.
  7. Never give up. Get started and keep going. Back to the beginning: the only limitations are the ones you place on yourself.

Look in the Mirror and See the Big Picture

To change your life you must adopt new behaviors and become wiser. You can do whatever you set your mind to and move forward. Here are some additional motivational ideas that will help with your journey:

  • Stay away from the media
  • Seek out positive people
  • Be aware of your movie and TV selections
  • Limit time on social media
  • Write a daily gratitude list

The most important piece to the solution is YOU. To accomplish the above you have to realize that changing your mindset is an inside job. Will you do it? YES, you will!