8 Months Remaining: EANS Best Spending Practices

While EANS (Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools) funding may be considered controversial, streamlining an otherwise unruly spending and reimbursement process is not. ClassWallet is working to ensure accountability by providing a digital platform to support decentralized spending (educator empowerment!) with centralized funding (administrators prepare to ace the audit!). There’s a better way to disseminate public … Continue reading “8 Months Remaining: EANS Best Spending Practices”

9 Ways ClassWallet will Improve your EANS Program

ClassWallet is a digital wallet with an integrated eCommerce marketplace, automated ACH direct deposit, and reloadable debit card with pre-approval workflows and audit-ready transaction reporting. ClassWallet reduces overhead costs, saves valuable time, and better visibility and control for decentralized purchases. ClassWallet, started in 2014 by AdoptaClassroom.org founder Jamie Rosenberg, has emerged as a technological leader … Continue reading “9 Ways ClassWallet will Improve your EANS Program”

Supporting EANS Administration with Digital Wallet Technology

Currently, ClassWallet’s digital wallet technology is being used in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Carolina, and to support the EANS program. In these states, non-public schools have access to funds and easy-to-use tools to submit for reimbursement and pay approved vendors for purchases. The digital wallet streamlines the distribution and management, including … Continue reading “Supporting EANS Administration with Digital Wallet Technology”