Team Building: The ClassWallet Game Plan

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Team building - game plan

How do you Win the Super Bowl?

  1. Start with a vision.
  2. Break the game down play-by-play.
  3. Make the plan.
  4. Celebrate every first down.
  5. Get the touchdown!

Lead Your Team to Victory Every Week

We recently sat down with Jamie Rosenberg, the CEO of ClassWallet, to talk about how his team-building philosophy creates a work atmosphere of encouragement, support, and celebration where all employees feel valued and successful. It started with a “Win/Gratitude” meeting on Friday mornings where everyone in the company is invited to attend and take turns sharing a win for the week and something they are grateful for. But for Jamie and his team, the win/gratitude mindset goes beyond the meetings and permeates every aspect of ClassWallet work.

How to Win your Super Bowl:

Step 1: Begin with the end in mind. What is your “Super Bowl?” What is your vision or mission? Sharing this with the entire company will ground your team and give each member an aligned goal. Everyone will know what their purpose is and come to work every day with that goal in mind.

Step 2: Break down each play. What are the finite, bite-sized goals that can be achieved in relatively short-order? These are your first downs. These are the quick wins that will each get you one step closer to the end goal. At ClassWallet, these begin with strategic rocks that are translated into departmental and individual quarterly goals.

Step 3: Create a game plan. Who is going to make the play? What support do they need? As you get to know your team, you’ll see their strengths and how they can best contribute. When everyone knows the plan and feels confident with their responsibilities, the work comes easily. Which leads to…

Step 4: Celebrate the first downs! These wins are acknowledged and celebrated with teammates across departments, creating transparency and camaraderie among people who may not otherwise interact with one other. Look back at these first downs after one month, a quarter, a half year, and see the culmination of wins and how far the ball moved down field.

Step 5: Touchdown! Following that initial first down, the second one is easier, and a team rhythm develops around winning plays. When everyone can see how their accountability contributes to the end goal, it feeds the momentum and creates a culture of winning.

With a commitment to ensuring the right person in the right seat and team building, you are prepared to navigate through challenges, overcome obstacles, and grow from mistakes. Every setback should be discussed in the huddle as another opportunity to gain yards on the next play. With a learning mindset and belief that better is possible, set your sights on the championship ring and be sure to high-five Rihanna during the half-time show.