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TeacherWallet removes all the paperwork and manual processes from tracking and reconciling classroom supply and professional development purchases and improves work culture for teachers.

No more chasing after teachers for receipts


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Automated Tracking and Reconciliation

Get Accounting and Reporting of Teacher Supply and Professional Development Purchases Without Lifting a Finger

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Online Shopping

Teachers Can:

Shop online, submit orders for pre-approval (optional) and pay with ClassWallet

Administrators Get:

Automated SKU-level reconciliation of every online purchase


Teachers Can:

Take pictures or scan receipts and submit for approval

Administrators Get:

An online dashboard to review receipts and automated ACH direct deposit

TeacherWallet Reimbursement
TeacherWallet Reporting



Don't have to deal with cumbersome paperwork

Administrators Get:

Fully reconciled data downloadable for audits and integration with accounting and ERP software

Awesome Culture


Get a nimble, flexible way to pay for resources and feel empowered to meet student needs more effectively

Administrators Get:

A tool to improve work culture for teachers to help improve retention and recruitment

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