Weber School District


Scans must be clear and readable, not blurry.

Receipts must include the following:
  • Store name
  • Item description
  • Item cost
  • Date of purchase
  • Total cost of purchase
If your receipt is too long for one scan, take a photo of the top half of the receipt with the store name included then take a photo of the bottom half of the receipt with the total and date. Include both photos with your request for reibmursement. If the receipt is too long to split in half, split it into three photos. For Hobby Lobby receipts, include a scan of the front and back of the receipt. Purchase date is on the back of the receipt. For Amazon purchases a detailed invoice can be found by going to orders in your account, select the order, click on order details, click on view or print invoice. For Dollar Tree purchases, don’t cut off the very bottom of the receipt, that is where the date of purchase is. If a request for reimbursment has been rejected because of one or more problems with the receipt(s), resubmit all the receipts on your next submission. I can’t approve a portion of a request, it is an all or nothing approval. For any questions about requests for reimbursement please call Sherie Charlesworth at 801-476-7842