Texas SSES Parental Acknowledgement and Agreement

Texas Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) Parental Acknowledgement and Agreement


I have read, understand, and agree to the requirements for participation in the Supplemental Special Education Services program.

I further agree and understand that all funds allocated in the SSES program that are held for the benefit of my child shall be spent only for the purposes for which they were allocated.

  1. SSES Accountholder understands the SSES Account is for the educational benefit of the eligible student and not to be used for other purposes.
  2. SSES Accountholder agrees to register and activate the account online
  3. If an SSES Accountholder moves out of TEA jurisdiction during SY2020-2021, the SSES Accountholder agrees to inform the Texas Education Agency at ssesinfo@tea.texas.gov and ClassWallet at help@classwallet.com. Any remaining account balance will be recaptured for distribution to other eligible students.
  4. Backorders are not allowed. All services and/or commodities must be received by March 31, 2022.
  5. SSES Accountholder agrees not to charge travel-related expenses to the SSES account. No travel-related expenses are allowed under SSES.
  6. SSES Accountholder cannot sell or share this account with anyone.
  7. SSES Accountholder understands that purchases made with SSES funds will be reviewed and approved by the SSES administrator(s). The purchase may be denied if the purchase does not comply with SSES purchase guidelines (here).
  8. SSES Accountholder agrees to use SSES funds strictly for purchases within the SSES purchase guidelines (here) unless approval is requested and received from SSES administrator(s). SSES Accountholder agrees to comply with SSES purchase guidelines and understands that repeated noncompliance may result in account termination.
  9. SSES Accountholder understands that the TEA reserves the right to terminate this account and recapture associated funds if TEA identifies the misuse of SSES funds, attempted misuse of funds, or if funds are not utilized in a timely manner (defined as six months after account creation, or by December 31, 2021, whichever is earlier).

Items requested for purchase should be items that the student will directly use and/or interact with to access the curriculum or fill in COVID-based gaps.

The following categories of items will not be approved for purchase:

  • Cleaning supplies [i.e. cleaning fluid or implements, sanitizing wipes, trash bags, etc.]
  • Home goods [i.e. general furniture, air freshener, etc.]
    • Exceptions: Desks (under $300) and chairs (under $200) for student use during educational activities
  • Medical supplies [i.e. masks, gloves, thermometers, etc.]
  • Food items

If attempting to purchase items that are not obviously educationally relevant, please provide justification with your purchase OR submit a separate invoice for items requiring justification with the appropriate justification in a comment.