9 Ways ClassWallet will Improve your EANS Program

ClassWallet is a digital wallet with an integrated eCommerce marketplace, automated ACH direct deposit, and reloadable debit card with pre-approval workflows and audit-ready transaction reporting. ClassWallet reduces overhead costs, saves valuable time, and better visibility and control for decentralized purchases. ClassWallet, started in 2014 by AdoptaClassroom.org founder Jamie Rosenberg, has emerged as a technological leader … Continue reading “9 Ways ClassWallet will Improve your EANS Program”

Digital Wallet Technology: Changing the Way School Districts Manage Staff Spending

In recent years, technological innovations have had a significant impact on the way American children learn. Instead of pencils, paper, books and chalkboards, students now have access to smartboards, educational software, eBooks and other emerging technologies that are disrupting the traditional classroom. Recent trends are showing that technological innovations are making their way into the … Continue reading “Digital Wallet Technology: Changing the Way School Districts Manage Staff Spending”

ESAs and Digital Wallets

ESAs were originally created to give parents of students with disabilities the funding that they can use to tailor expenditures to the individual needs of their student. Today ESAs are usually earmarked for low-income families and students with disabilities. Parents use the funds for everything from private school tuition, tutors, therapy, and devices. Recently, states … Continue reading “ESAs and Digital Wallets”