Supporting EANS Administration with Digital Wallet Technology

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Currently, ClassWallet’s digital wallet technology is being used in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Carolina, and to support the EANS program. In these states, non-public schools have access to funds and easy-to-use tools to submit for reimbursement and pay approved vendors for purchases. The digital wallet streamlines the distribution and management, including reporting. The automated process saves EANS program managers time and money as staffers no longer need to do manual processing for thousands of expenditures. Plus, because ClassWallet’s digital wallet can be configured with purchasing permissions and restrictions, the payment method reduces the risk of non-compliant purchases.

“We had a lot of money coming at us, not a lot of time, and little to no infrastructure to provide statewide services. ClassWallet helped maximize our flexibility for our schools with a wide variety of support for their students.”

– Cole Dietrich, Director of Title Grants and Support for the Indiana Department of Education

Dr. Dakeyan Graham, Executive Director in the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice for the Florida Department of Education, manages the state’s EANS program and uses ClassWallet to streamline distribution and management. Dr. Graham shares, “To ensure the program ran smoothly, we provided the state users and private schools with an introductory webinar and a 2-week window for the program orientation. These added steps provided transparency and clarity to the schools using EANS and guidelines of what was allowed and not allowed.”

“In deciding the best way to use the fund for his school, Kevin Macki, Principal at Horeb Christian School in Florida, shares “Much of our spend was used for PPE to protect against COVID-19. We also looked at our demographic, which is made up of 70% StepUp Program kids to determine long-term needs.” His advice is to “be strategic in using the funds provided.”

“The pandemic put significant stumbling blocks in the way of private school teachers and their students. We are working diligently to put these funds to use quickly to support as many of the 275 schools in our state serving approximately 55,000 non-public school students.”

– Fred Williams, Field Services Director and Ombudsman, Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Educational Support

Implementing EANS

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