School District of Palm Beach County

Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions


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What are some examples of allowable items?

Most items that are used in a classroom are acceptable purchases. For instance, writing instruments, paper, arts & crafts, ink or toner, charts, maps, globes, posters, instructional manipulates. This list is not inclusive of all types of items allowed, but suggestions.


What are some examples of non-allowable items?

Per State Statute 1012.71 (2), the funds may not be used to purchase equipment, services, clothing, food, furniture, prizes, incentives, carpets or professional membership dues. Therefore, the purchase of computers, printers, shredders, electronic items, or tablets is not allowed. Any purchase that is on the District’s Prohibited PCard Expenses list cannot be made under the Program. Therefore items such as cleaning supplies and chemicals, TeachersPayTeachers, and consultants are excluded from the Supply Assistance Program.


How can the funds be spent/accessed through ClassWallet?

ClassWallet has an online application that is also optimized for mobile use or use with a desktop / laptop / tablet. ClassWallet provides two options for teachers to access the funds; a combination of both methods can be used.

  • ClassWallet online marketplace – When teachers log in to their account, they will see an online marketplace with over 40 leading vendors including Lakeshore Learning, ACE Educational, Staples, Office Depot, Scholastic, Really Good Stuff, Teachers Exchange, US Games, West Music, and more.
  • ClassWallet Reimbursement tool – When teachers log in to their account they will be able to upload receipts for a direct deposit reimbursement. Whenever possible, personal items shall not be on the same receipt as classroom items. File types accepted are pdf, png, jpeg. These receipts will be subject to audit by District staff.

What if a teacher wants to purchase something over the summer or with a vendor that is not a ClassWallet partner?

Teachers may purchase products at a vendor of their choice and submit the receipts. Eligible purchases made over the summer with a receipt date of June 19 or greater can be submitted. The teacher will receive the reimbursement via ACH direct deposit into their checking account within 3-5 business days after District approval of the receipt.


How do I get reimbursed for my items not purchased through ClassWallet? Does ClassWallet need my banking information?

For a teacher to be able to file for reimbursement they will need to enter their banking information. ClassWallet does not have access to teacher banking information, as the input is done through our banking partner (the same type of back end as PayPal). They will do a penny test with the teacher prior to allowing a reimbursement. The information stays between ClassWallet’s bank (Bank United) and the teacher’s bank. The set up process takes up to 2-3 business days. The information only needs to be entered on the first reimbursement. Teachers may submit any number of receipts for any dollar amount throughout the spending period.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to ascertain that items purchased meet the District stated criteria for eligible supplies.


How is sales tax handled?

In the ClassWallet marketplace, teachers will not be charged sales tax. When using the reimbursement tool sales tax and shipping/handling will be reimbursed.


What about shipping costs in the ClassWallet marketplace?

Most vendors have free shipping within certain thresholds, i.e.: Staples provides free shipping on orders. This information is available inside the ClassWallet Marketplace.


How do teachers receive items that they purchase in the ClassWallet marketplace?

Items will be sent from the vendor directly to the teacher at the school. Boxes arrive to the school office with the teacher’s name on the box. Unless an item is out of stock, the orders are typically shipped standard ground within 24-48 business hours of order submission.


How are marketplace item returns and exchanges handled?

Teachers may contact ClassWallet for assistance. Returned items are credited back to the teacher’s ClassWallet account.


What is a teacher responsible for with respect to receipts?

When a teacher purchases through the ClassWallet online marketplace, receipts are managed for them. Teachers may access reports of their own spend and remaining balance within their ClassWallet account anytime.

When a teacher submits a receipt for reimbursement, the receipt is automatically saved within the teacher’s reports. They can access these at any time.


How does a teacher access ClassWallet customer support? There are three ways to contact ClassWallet support:

  • ClassWallet website has a type and chat box that is managed by live support persons, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday
  • Email:
  • Call 877-969-5536, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday- Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday

Are all items available for purchase on ClassWallet allowable?

NO. Items that are available on ClassWallet do not automatically qualify for eligibility. It is the employee’s responsibility to ascertain that items purchased meet the District stated criteria for eligible supplies. If purchases are made through ClassWallet and are an inappropriate use of funds, a payroll deduction will be made for the amount of the inappropriate use of funds, a payroll deduction will be made for the amount of the inappropriate purchase and the recouped funds will be returned to the teacher’s school’s FY23 School Advisory Council.


What if my purchases exceed the amount/balance allocated in ClassWallet?

If a teacher desires to spend more than the available funds in the online marketplace, they will be asked to enter a credit/debit card to pay the difference. The balance paid by the teacher will not be reimbursed with Internal Funds.


What happens to funds that are not spent?

All unspent funds are returned to the District. The District will include the funds in the teacher’s school’s FY23 School Advisory Council Budget.


Are tutorials available to learn how to use ClassWallet? Tutorials are available for both shopping online and reimbursement requests.