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Release 4.1

The overall story for release 4.1 has two major themes. Improved user on-boarding to help us achieve scale and empower user administrators to better manage their users and the continued mobile optimization of the ClassWallet application.

Big Story items:

  • New user on-boarding. We’ve built an entirely new application wizard to aid in the creation of new users on the platform.
  • Mobile optimization. In our continuing effort to optimize our application for mobile we are releasing a bunch of new mobile friendly reports, rebuilt the reimbursement and directpay wizards and improved the directpay administrative feature to add or remove users from vendors.
  • Deployed ship to home functionality for COVID-19 affected districts
  • Create a no expense application for ESA users

Smaller items:

  • Allow users to send large reports to email
  • Simplify operational emails to customers with refunds
  • Assorted report improvements such as adding more fields of data
  • Increased personal settings functionality for the Vendor application
  • More confirmation modals throughout the app

Bug Fixes:

  • numerous miscellaneous bug fixes

release date: 04/11/2020