ClassWallet Adds Best Buy to its Online Marketplace

Press Release date: 07/11/2023 8:30 am
News provided by: Feintuch Communications

Best Buy Education added to ClassWallet Marketplace

MIAMI, July 11, 2023 – ClassWallet, the leading digital wallet purchasing and distribution platform for public funds, has added consumer electronics retailer Best Buy to its Ecommerce Marketplace.

The ClassWallet Ecommerce Marketplace offers a vast selection of resources including lesson plans, educational software, learning materials and professional development courses. The platform employs a simplified process with a digital workflow. It allows users to request approval from system administrators who can easily approve and track purchases, while maintaining oversight and ensuring alignment with established spending guardrails.

Educators, Schools and Families to Benefit from a Wider Range of Electronics and Technology Products

Best Buy Education helps organizations of all sizes navigate complex technology to ensure students and staff have the tools they need to create an optimal learning environment. The company offers a wide range of education and consumer ed-tech products and solutions, including laptops and Chromebooks, complex audio video technology, augmented and virtual reality solutions, and esports gear for school teams.

"Teaching and learning approaches are evolving, and with that, comes the need for access to a broad range of electronics and technology products including laptops, tablets and other educational devices," said Jamie Rosenberg, founder and CEO, ClassWallet. "The addition of Best Buy will provide even more value to our growing community of users on our platform. Our goal is to continue to bring in other market leaders so that ClassWallet users have the broadest range of choice for their purchases."

ClassWallet: An E-Commerce Leader in Education and Government

Housing best-in-class regional and local vendors including Staples, Office Depot, Lakeshore and School Specialty, there are more than 80 vendors offering a vast array of resources including lesson plans, school furniture and toys, software and professional development courses. In addition to the ClassWallet Ecommerce Marketplace, the company maintains an active database of approximately 9,000 direct pay vendors, ensuring this same ease of payment and tracking for school tuition, tutors and therapists.