Polk County Public Schools

FAQ’s about Florida Teacher Supply Assistance Program Money – “Lead Money”

School Year 2019-2020

  1. Q: What items are allowable/unallowable?
    A: Under state statute, only instructional supplies are allowable, and not equipment. The word “supply” in this sense is an accounting term, and for statutory purposes “supplies” are daily use items that would normally be expended or used up within a year, and have no inherent value. “Equipment” typically has a long life and is an item that could be repaired instead of disposed, and are usually more expensive that a supply. Even though most items used in a PE class is called “PE equipment”, under the statute, most of these items are really supplies, such a balls, cones, markers, and other inexpensive items that are usually purchased every year. Please read carefully since some rules have been changed for this school year.
    Allowable: Anything under $35 would most likely qualify as a supply (single item cost). This doesn’t mean that the item must be $35, or less. However, items costing more than $35 will be scrutinized to ensure it meets the statute. Items like pencil sharpeners, hole punchers, cutting items, timers, etc. are allowed as long as they remain under $60 (per item). Exception: Food for consumption and rewards for positive reinforcement have been deemed unallowable by the Florida Department of Education. Food can only be purchased if it is to be used in a lesson, and the lesson plans should be kept as backup. Ink & Toner for school printers are allowable and has no individual price limit.
    Items Always Unallowable: Services, memberships, subscriptions, travel, conferences, trainings, planners for teachers (or any items that only benefit the teacher), equipment, furniture, rugs, shelving, or compartments for storage and food. The item must benefit the student AND have instructional value. Absolutely no cameras, computers, tablets, printers, scanners, or Amazon fire sticks or Alexa, even if the cost is $35 or less. Other technology supplies such as student headphones, laser pointers, memory sticks, chargers, etc. are allowable if they remain under $35.

  2. Q: Are all items on ClassWallet allowable?
    A: No, just because it can be purchased does not mean it meets the qualifications of allowability under the statute. ClassWallet offers several vendors to offer teachers the most variety of items that may be needed for a classroom. Amazon is one of the vendors, and the majority of items on Amazon would not be allowable. If you have any questions about allowability, please check the lists of allowable and unallowable items posted for your reference in our webpage and if you still have question call the budget office at 863-457-4704 Ext 705, or email Melba Mayol at melba.mayol@polk-fl.net.

  3. Q: How will I know, when will I be contacted, and what happens if I purchase an item deemed unallowable?
    A: The finance office pulls ClassWallet reports regularly to identify items that may be considered unallowable. This may happen very quickly after your purchase, or it may take a couple of weeks. You will receive an email from Melba Mayol/Finance explaining that your item was “flagged”. This does not mean that you did something wrong, it only means more information is needed to determine its allowability. The finance office must defend all purchases to auditors. The email will ask you to describe your purchase and how it will be used as an instructional supply in your classroom. If it is then deemed allowable, we keep your answer so we can give to auditors if they ask. If your item is considered unallowable, you have a couple of options. The first is to try and return the item, or exchange for an allowable item. In this case, please contact ClassWallet first, so they can assist with the exchange, and this will help ensure your account is credited as soon as possible. If you cannot return or exchange the item, a payroll deduction will be established to repay the funds. In this case, once you have paid for the item, it becomes your personal property.

  4. Q: What happens if I purchase an unallowable item?
    A: You will need to try and return the item, if the vendor allows. If not, you will have to pay back the funds to the district through a payroll deduction. The item(s) you pay will become your personal property. If you decide to return your unallowable item please keep Mrs. Mayol posted during the process. If you have any question, please call the budget office or email Melba Mayol at melba.mayol@polk-fl.net. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT BY THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE BECAUSE THEY DEEMED THIS PROGRAM “ACCOUNTABLE” JUST LIKE TRAVEL, WHERE EACH DOLLAR OF EXPENSE MUST BE TRACKED AND UNUSED FUNDS MUST BE RETURNED. THIS WAS NOT A DISTRICT DECISION.

  5. Q: Can I take items home?
    A: Only for a limited time period. All items must remain in the classroom at the end of the year. The legislature intends all funds to be used in the classroom the teacher is in on September 1st of each year. Therefore, when a teacher transfers during the year, all purchased items must remain in the classroom and any unused funds revert to that school’s SAC Committee, and the remaining funds do not follow the teacher to their new school.

  6. Q: Who do I contact for ClassWallet login (ID and password) information?
    A: Please contact ClassWallet directly at https://kleo.force.com/classwallet/s/ or by calling their support team at 1-877-969-5536. You will receive an email when funds are loaded and when you can login giving you your credentials.

  7. Q: When will funds be available on ClassWallet?
    A: Funds will be loaded around the last week of September. At that time, you will receive login information including a temporary password to access your funds. Per Statute, only qualified staff eligible for the funds must be employed with the district on September 1st. This is why teachers do not receive funds any earlier than September.

  8. Q: When will the program end?
    A: The last day to purchase through ClassWallet or to upload receipts will be January 31, 2020. Remember, items are to be used during the school year the funds are provided.

  9. Q: What happens if staff do not spend all their funds?
    A: According to state statute, leftover funds are to be returned to the school’s SAC committee, or back to the Teacher Lead fund. PCSB has decided to return all funds left by teachers or paid back by teachers thru Payroll deduction(s) to the school’s SAC committee for school use. This way, all funds get to be utilized by the school and its students.

  10. What happens when I buy items locally, and not through the ClassWallet platform?
    A: You can buy allowable items with your own funds, and can be reimbursed through the ClassWallet platform. The receipt must be dated July 1st, or after for the current school year. You will upload your receipts using the mobile app or a scanner to your ClassWallet account. Your principal or assistant principal will then get a notification and will review your purchases for approval or rejection. If approved, funds will be deposited into your bank account with 4-5 days or according to your Bank policy. If you submit a receipt, and it seems like the principal should have approved it, and the bank should have had time to deposit, please talk to your principal first, to see if they have seen your request. If they did approve, your next call should be to ClassWallet to see if they processed the payment to the bank. The finance department cannot get involved in these processes and should only be called after these steps are taken.
    Please do not buy non-classroom items on the same receipt. If you purchase from a local store, buy your classroom items on a separate receipt. If the receipt is not clear, please attach another document explaining what the item is, or write on the receipt neatly and without covering other information.

  11. Q: Do schools or the teachers need to keep the receipts for 4 years?
    A: The Statute states that teachers must keep receipts for 4 years. The new changes based on the recent IRS ruling requires the district to also keep receipts for 4 years. One of the main advantages of ClassWallet is that the district will be able to keep copies of receipts electronically for at least the 4 years required by the Statute. Therefore, if a teacher is audited by the IRS, the district can help provide the receipts needed.

  12. Q: Can cheap tablets be purchased?
    A: No, the statute prohibits the purchase of any equipment.

  13. Q: What happens when a teacher transfers schools?
    A: The statute states the funds are intended for the classroom the teacher was assigned to on September 1st. If a teacher transfers to a new school, they will NOT be able to transfer funds, nor can they bring any supplies to their new classroom. The leftover funds will revert to the school’s SAC committee.

  14. Q: Can a teacher refuse the Teacher LEAD/Supply funds?
    A: Yes, funds that are refused will go to the SAC committee of that teacher’s school. When you log on for the first time during the school year, you will be prompted to sign the affidavit. If you don’t sign it, the system assumes you are donating. If you make a mistake, please call ClassWallet, and they can reset the system for you.

  15. Q: My Principal asked me to buy certain things the school needs with my funds. Is this allowed?
    A: No. The teacher has discretion of how the funds are spent (within the guidelines of the statute) and cannot be told how to use the funds.

  16. Q: Can staff purchase items from garage sales with a receipt that is a typed page with the item named and what he/she paid for it.
    A: Unfortunately, this is not acceptable per the State of Florida Auditor General’s Office. Supplies need to be purchased from a traditional vendor and store receipts should be submitted to ClassWallet for approval and reimbursement.

  17. Q: Can staff buy items from Teachers Pay Teachers?
    A: Under the statute, this purchase would be considered allowable. However, your administration may not want these items used. If so, you must follow the direction your principal.

  18. Q: Are receipts for items purchased before the LEAD money was released acceptable?
    A: Yes, they are ok, if they were made in this fiscal year- from July 1st on… not before. However, there is a slight risk as only teachers employed on September 1st are eligible. If a teacher moves to a different school, district, or to a non-qualifying job, funds cannot be reimbursed. Leftover funds will be distributed to the school SAC committee.

  19. Q: I have a teacher that received her funds but she is no longer a teacher but a Coach/ Interventionist/ etc. What do I have to do?
    A: Contact the District Office, we will disable the teacher account and the money will be transferred to your SAC. Typically, due to the length of time necessary to reconcile the 6,000 + accounts, funds are not transferred to the individual schools near the end of school.

  20. Q: I have a question about the TIPS list that states that food cannot be purchased with Lead money. Is this absolute?
    A: FOOD CANNOT BE PURCHASED FOR CONSUMPTION OR FOR BEHAVIOR REWARDS. The only time food can be used is for a lesson plan. If food is purchased, you need to contact the budget office for approval. The specific lesson plans will also need to be uploaded to ClassWallet.

  21. Q: What if I only have $30 left in my ClassWallet account, but I would like to purchase an item that costs $40?
    A: If you desire to spend more than your available funds, you will be asked to use a credit/debit card to pay the difference. It is OK to have a balance. Even a balance of $.01 will be returned to your SAC committee.

  22. Q: Are furniture and equipment for students allowed?
    A: The money you receive is for consumable supplies; paper, markers, pencils, crayons, etc. Furniture and equipment are not allowed.

  23. Q: Can teachers buy items for incentives, such as for good behavior?
    A: No, behavior reward items cannot be purchased. Auditors have ruled these items do not have instructional value.

  24. Q: I am an administrator, and was just notified that one of our teachers did not receive her funds. She was completely missed. I take full responsibility. She should have been added to the list of teachers. Will she still receive funds?
    A: Send the teacher information to us and we will ensure she receives her funds.

  25. Q: If the teacher leaves, do the items they purchased go with them or stay at the school? Are they to be marked with the school name? We have not been asked to match property with receipts so I was just wondering.
    A: All items purchased are for the school. Teachers are not to keep any of the purchased items. There is no expectation for the school to mark the supplies or keep an inventory. If they don’t spend all the funds the money left will be transferred to your SAC. However, the principal has full authority to ensure all purchased items are in the classroom and are appropriate.