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This is a busy time of year at ClassWallet as the school year winds down. We’re helping teachers get the resources they need before end of year deadlines while assisting administrators get detailed year end spending reports for their accounting and audits. We also have been on the road presenting how ClassWallet solves the problem of school procurement, streamlines operations and saves invaluable time for everyone in the district. We are in 1,200 schools across 14 states and it is exciting to see our vision of improving funding for teachers and schools become a reality.

Below please find the latest in ClassWallet news and a quote from a happy teacher to our head of Customer Service:

“Good news!!! The popsockets arrived today! So did the products from Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading. My students are going to be so elated!!! Because of you, it looks like it is going to be a successful day of learning. Thank you! Thank you again!”

CEO, ClassWallet

Exciting News

Financial Education: What Discover is Doing to Teach Money Basics in Schools

In a National Bureau of Economic Research study, adults scored a grade of “C” in financial literacy while high school students failed. Matt Towson, Director of Community Affairs at Discover, which is a ClassWallet partner, shares with ClassWallet Discover’s look at financial education for students and the pressing need for it. Check out our “Financial Education: What Discover is Doing to Teach Money Basics in Schools” blog post to gain more insight.

EduTech Guys Podcast Features ClassWallet

Last month, ClassWallet had the opportunity to be featured on the EduTechGuys podcast. The EduTechGuys are the combined force of Jeff Madlock and David Henderson whose Twitter bio succinctly breaks down what they are about: Over 40 years of combined educational technology experience set loose on the world of podcasting. Take a listen here.

ClassWallet CEO Addresses ASU GSV Summit

ClassWallet CEO Jamie Rosenberg was invited to present at a breakout session at the ASU GSV Annual Education Technology Summit. We got to hear about great new technologies reaching the classroom and to share our perspective on the benefits of pushing some procurement decisions down to the classroom level.

ClassWallet Grows Florida, Nebraska, Colorado & Utah Footprint

ClassWallet welcomes Flagler County Public Schools (FL) Humboldt Table Rock Steinauer School District (NE), Animas Charter High School (CO) and Grand County School District (UT) into the ClassWallet family. We have been working with districts in all three states and we are happy to report that the positive word of mouth is spreading!

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NewSchools Venture Fund Summit San Francisco, CA May 17 New York State ASBO Conference Lake Placid, NY June 5 - 7 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Conference Orlando, FL June 13 - 15 Florida School Finance Officers Association (FSFOA) Conference Fort Myers, FL June 20 - 23

ClassWallet addresses the pain of managing checks, reimbursements, paper receipts, and the paperwork associated with tracking expenditures for school systems. The platform makes the accounting and audit trail very easy and helps reduce administrative costs.