ClassWallet President Neil Steinhardt Invited Featured Speaker at Leading FinTech Conference


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ClassWallet is off to a great new year. Clients are renewing for the 2016 year, and we are connecting with new districts, foundations and schools each day. We participated in a statewide finance officer event and heard the horror stories of how districts are coping with collecting teacher receipts and reviewing to ensure purchases are proper. Stapling, scanning, weekly meetings with receipt spot checking, the list goes on. Administrators are already asked to do so much. These types of paper receipt tracking tasks distracts them from other challenges. We left more motivated than ever to educate more administrators about our industry-leading solution and relieve them of the heartache they seem to endure year after year.

CEO, ClassWallet

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ClassWallet President Neil Steinhardt Invited Featured Speaker at Leading FinTech Conference

Neil will be a featured guest during the Innovation Lab: An Up-Close Look at the Latest and Greatest Payment Technologies and Products Hitting the Market. The event is the annual gathering for industry, innovators, advocates, legislators and regulators who work to drive prepaid as a valuable financial service that can offer significant benefit to businesses, governments and consumers. Welcome back Broward Education Foundation which renewed for another year and will be distributing funds to hundreds of teachers in the district. In addition, we welcomed Florida Autism Center of Excellence Charter School, the Archdiocese of Washington and the Zionsville Education Foundation into the ClassWallet family.

Teacher Receipts - Who Would Have Thought??

Who would have thought TEACHER RECEIPTS would be the subject of so many school board conversations and the bane of so many administrators' and teachers' existence. Google search the term "Teacher Receipts" and 14.6 million results come up. Teachers Should Save Receipts for Educator Expense ... Reminder for Teachers – Keep Those Receipts!... Submit Teacher's Choice Receipts and Accountability Form... are just a handful of page headlines. As far as we are concerned, less paperwork in school systems means more time spent educating the students, which is better for everyone. New Digitized Teacher Receipts Feature is Here! Whether using the ClassWallet Prepaid Debit Card or shopping online through the ClassWallet Marketplace, no one has to save or remit paper receipts. All online shopping purchasing data is automatically stored for easy retrieval and reporting, and Debit Card receipts can be scanned and associated with the respective transactions. CLICK TO ENLARGE Learn More Welcome to the Team Sales Director, Nick Yevglevski Nick is a Senior Technology Sales Executive with 15+ years of experience selling Enterprise software and IT services to school districts and businesses. Nick joined ClassWallet coming from a Fortune 500 Global IT Solutions Company.

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ClassWallet addresses the pain of managing checks, reimbursements, paper receipts, and the paperwork associated with tracking expenditures for school systems. The platform makes the accounting and audit trail very easy and helps reduce administrative costs.