ClassWallet Noted as Pioneer in Financial Technology


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We hope your 2018 has been off to a strong start! Here at ClassWallet, it gets us excited when we see our customers sign up for one use of our product and then start using it in other ways. We wanted to share with you the diversity of applications for ClassWallet so you can see what other districts use the platform for:

Title I grants
PTA donations
State and local grants
Managing school kiosk budgets
LCAP (California only)
School maintenance budget
Professional development & travel
Districts are consolidating their fragmented and decentralized processes through ClassWallet. One of our Louisiana customers shares why:

“Our users LOVE ClassWallet because they can use it anywhere, anytime with an internet connection; they don’t have to keep up with receipts, and there are no reports to file.”

Dianne Alison, CPA, CGMA, CGFO, CLSFBA
Business Service Director, Ascension Parish School District

If you are interested in learning more about the various uses for ClassWallet, simply reply with an email to schedule a call.

CEO, ClassWallet

Exciting News

ClassWallet Noted as Pioneer in Financial Technology

As a financial technology company focused on saving time and money for the school business office, we are excited to be featured as a pioneer in financial technology in a recent Heritage Foundation Education Report. In the report, the author Jonathan Butcher sets the stage for how “fintech has quietly entered the K–12 education service sector in the U.S.” Read more here.

New Mexico Public Education Department Begins Statewide Rollout of ClassWallet

New Mexico began rolling out ClassWallet across the state. Beginning in January, 23,000 teachers started to receive a state grant through ClassWallet. Last year, the State used prepaid debit cards. The switch from card to ClassWallet has saved the State and all New Mexico districts enormous amount of time and effort distributing and ensuring teachers comply with the State mandate.

ClassWallet Expands into Maintenance and Travel & Expense Budget Management

Several ClassWallet customers are using ClassWallet to manage their custodial and travel and expense budget allocations. With our suite of services that include ecommerce, reimbursement management, declining balance debit cards, digital receipt capture and automated account reconciliation, ClassWallet enables districts to consolidate a wide array of spending allocation through one, single consolidated platform. Problems we solve are multiple purchasers against a single, open PO and departments or employees going over budget because procurement and accounting do not reconcile fast enough. Click here to learn more.

Southern California Lunch & Learn, February 27th

For Southern California school districts, Mountain View School District will be hosting ClassWallet for a Lunch & Learn February 27th. We welcome you to come and learn how Mountain View uses ClassWallet for LCAP reconciliation and other uses, and how we can do the same for your district. More details and registration found here.

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ClassWallet addresses the pain of managing checks, reimbursements, paper receipts, and the paperwork associated with tracking expenditures for school systems. The platform makes the accounting and audit trail very easy and helps reduce administrative costs.