ClassWallet News: Utah State Contract, New Product for Facilities and more


From the CEO


This month has been one of great validation for ClassWallet’s value proposition. We were awarded a statewide contract, and the positive customer feedback from our end-of-year survey was through the roof. Clients told us we saved them tens of thousands of dollars. Streamlining processes for classroom-related purchases really does pay off for everybody from the finance office to school bookkeepers to teachers. To preach it is one thing, but to hear it back from our users is another and extremely satisfying.

CEO, ClassWallet

Exciting News

ClassWallet Awarded Utah State Board of Education Contract

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) issued a request for proposal to provide a software solution for distributing teacher supplies and materials funds to educators. We are excited to announce that ClassWallet was awarded the contract. The USBE received proposals from two other vendors other than ClassWallet: Amazon Business Services and Atmosoft. ClassWallet is serving approximately 30% of Utah teachers currently. We are excited about the expanded opportunity.

ClassWallet Releases New Product for Facilities Management

Where there is a paperwork problem in school systems, there is ClassWallet. Reconciling maintenance-related receipts, invoices, and purchase orders, and entering all the data for work order and accounting management can be challenging across several departments. ClassWallet’s Maintenance Expense Product automates all the paperwork collection and reconciliation giving back valuable hours to staff. Click here to learn more.

End-of-Year Survey Result Shows Record High Customer Satisfaction

After surveying all our customers, the results are in. Our net promoter score (NPS) came in at 63. NPS score is a standardized metric used across all industries to rate customer satisfaction. To put it in perspective, according to Customer Guru, the last known NPS score for Apple is 47 and for Starbucks 77. I like where we stand :)

ClassWallet Expands in Arkansas and Alabama

ClassWallet welcomes Blytheville School District of Arkansas and Fairfield City Schools and Selma City Schools of Alabama. ClassWallet has enjoyed great success in both states with 10% to 25% of teachers in the states having ClassWallet accounts.

Upcoming Events

ClassWallet addresses the pain of managing checks, reimbursements, paper receipts, and the paperwork associated with tracking expenditures for school systems. The platform makes the accounting and audit trail very easy and helps reduce administrative costs.