ClassWallet News March 2020: Case Study in Cost Savings, New Vendors, 100% Renewal Rate Continues and More


From the CEO


Today we find ourselves in unusual times as we continue to build the Company while also servicing our clients’ unique situations. In work, as in life, strong relationships create a supportive environment. While ClassWallet delivers a service, we strive to make relationships with our customers and our users meaningful ones. Clients have repeatedly applauded our outstanding customer service, and we know it’s one of the primary reasons every school district to date has renewed their contract. We recognize school leaders are taking the steps necessary to keep their communities safe and healthy, and we will be here to help our clients when they need us.

CEO, ClassWallet

Exciting News

A Case Study in Cost Savings: From 1,841 Purchase Orders to 8 with ClassWallet

One of our clients recently hosted a lunch and learn with us and the results they presented from implementing ClassWallet this year were truly eye-popping. Last year they processed 1,841 purchase orders, this year 8. In addition, the number of invoices paid dropped from 2,686 to 429. Clients have told us how much they value time savings from using the platform, but it’s numbers like these that truly highlight how significant that impact is.

ClassWallet Adds New Marketplace Vendors

ClassWallet is continuously seeking to increase user benefits. Most recently, we've expanded the range of learning resources available on our e-commerce marketplace as well as added those that offer good value to teachers. This month we added two new vendors:
  • Discount Ink - a ClassWallet sourced store for high-quality discount printer ink and toner cartridges
  • Quizalize - an interactive quiz application to help teachers understand student comprehension and identify where improvement is needed

100% Renewal Month - ClassWallet Welcomes Back Our Clients

One third of our employees are dedicated to supporting our clients and working directly with users to facilitate a positive ClassWallet experience. Client retention is an important barometer of how well a company is serving the needs of its customers, and as of mid-March we’re proud to maintain a 100% renewal rate with the school districts we serve. Our most recent client renewals include:
  • Baldwin County Public Schools (AL)
  • Talladega City Schools (AL)
  • Hazen School District (AR)
  • Little Rock School District (AR)
  • LISA Academy (AR)
  • Sheridan School District (AR)
  • West Memphis School District (AR)
  • Alachua County Public Schools (FL)
  • Broward County Public Schools (FL)
  • Holmes County School District (FL)
  • Flagler County Public Schools (FL)
  • Osceola County School District (FL)
  • School District of DeSoto County (FL)
  • Lewiston Consolidated Schools (NE)
  • Toledo Public School District (OH)

Upcoming Events

Come say hi! Find us at:

Utah Association of School Business Officers Annual Conference

Provo, UT April 21-23, 2020

Alabama Association of School Business Officers Annual Conference

Orange Beach, AL May 5-8, 2020

West Virginia Association of School Business Officers Annual Conference

Charleston, WV May 12-14, 2020        

ClassWallet addresses the pain of managing checks, reimbursements, paper receipts, and the paperwork associated with tracking expenditures for school systems. The platform makes the accounting and audit trail very easy and helps reduce administrative costs.