ClassWallet Grows Presence in Northern California, now in Berkeley


From the CEO


The school year is off with a huge bang for ClassWallet! Millions of dollars have been deposited into tens of thousands of user wallets. An excel spreadsheet and a click of a mouse distributed over $1.5 million to 5,700 teachers in one school district. Hundreds of thousands of dollars went to thousands of teachers and principals across two districts with the same ease. A nonprofit client distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to program teachers in multiple states. Instantly, teachers get access to funds, can purchase needed resources and clients get automated tracking of each purchase with no effort and no paper! ClassWallet is revolutionizing money flow for schools is in full swing!

CEO, ClassWallet

Exciting News

Pilot Moves Forward in Los Angeles Unified (Local Northwest) School District

Managing and tracking club activity monies is the bane for many a school finance officer’s existence. Lots of cash, checks, ledgers and receipts add up to lots of headaches and audit challenges. Local District Northwest - Los Angeles Unified School District Sunshine Committees has moved forward to work with ClassWallet to turn club activity finances into a cashless, paperless process.

ClassWallet Grows Presence in Northern California, now in Berkeley

Through its partnership with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, ClassWallet is in every classroom and school in Ravenswood and Redwood City School Districts. Now ClassWallet is in Berkeley working with the Berkeley Public Schools Fund. Berkeley teachers will be receiving Fund grants through ClassWallet, and the Fund will no longer have to chase the teachers down for receipts in order to track purchases. Nonprofits Real World Scholars and Communities in Schools Continue with ClassWallet, Educate Tomorrow Launches Many nonprofits use ClassWallet to administer their programming, no longer relying on checks to allocate budgets to program officers. Real World Scholars and Communities in Schools New Mexico continued with ClassWallet for another year. Real World Scholars expanded its use of ClassWallet close to 400%. Educate Tomorrow which aids children aging out of foster care now uses ClassWallet to replace an American Express card several staff used to use for weekly purchases.

Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA Partners with ClassWallet

Over the last few years, the students of the Executive MBA (EMBA) program at the Kellogg School of Management have shown an increased interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. This fall ClassWallet was among a select few companies for which EMBA students will be able to apply their real world experiences and the 18 months of general management expertise gained at Kellogg toward Company business strategies and execution.

Upcoming Events

NewSchools Venture Fund CEO Portfolio Day Marin, CA October 20 Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators Annual Conference Little Rock, AR October 27 - 29 New York State Association of School Business Officials Workshop Clifton Park, NY November 1 - 4 Georgia Association of School Business Officials Annual Conference Augusta, GA November 8 - 10 Council of the Great City School CFO Conference San Antonio, TX November 8 - 11 Florida School Finance Officers Association Conference Tampa, FL November 8 - 11 ExcelinED 2016 National Summit on Education Reform Washington D.C. November 30 - December 2

ClassWallet addresses the pain of managing checks, reimbursements, paper receipts, and the paperwork associated with tracking expenditures for school systems. The platform makes the accounting and audit trail very easy and helps reduce administrative costs.