Miami-Dade County Public Schools

2020-21 Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For the 2020-21 school year, M-DCPS will use the ClassWallet platform to distribute the Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program funds to eligible employees.

1. What is ClassWallet? ClassWallet is an on-line platform that enables teachers to receive and spend funds designated for classroom supplies.

2. Will teachers be required to complete some type of acknowledgement/acceptance before the payment is issued?

YES. Pursuant to Florida Statute 1012.71, eligible classroom teachers must provide acknowledgment/acceptance of the terms of use of these funds before the 2020-21 Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program funds are made available to them. Eligible employees must log in to the Employee Portal and provide acknowledgment/acceptance on-line during the period of September 3, through end-of-day on September 14, 2020 (twelve (12) days).

3. Does the date that I purchase my supplies matter?

YES. Purchases must be made on or after July 1, 2020, but before the March 5, 2021 deadline. This deadline cannot be extended, therefore, allow ample time (we recommend at least one week), to set up the account, upload receipts, verify your banking information with ClassWallet, etc.

4. What is the amount of the funds that will be available to each teacher?

The amount of the funds available varies each year, based upon the funds appropriated by the legislature and each school district’s proportionate share of the state’s total “un-weighted” FTE student enrollment. Further information will be forthcoming regarding the exact funded amount.

5. How do I access ClassWallet?

All eligible employees that complete the required acknowledgement by the stated deadline will receive a “Welcome E-mail” from ClassWallet with pertinent log-in credentials and instructions. In the event that you do not receive an e-mail, eligible employees can access their account directly by accessing the ClassWallet platform and registering. On September 25, 2020 employees can access the available funds through the ClassWallet marketplace and begin making purchases, and/or uploading eligible receipts.

6. What can I buy with these funds?

Pursuant to Florida Statute 1012.71, “The funds are for classroom teachers to purchase, on behalf of the school district, classroom materials and supplies for the public school students assigned to them and may not be used to purchase any type of equipment. The funds appropriated shall be used to supplement the materials and supplies otherwise available to classroom teachers.” The purchase of food is not an eligible classroom supply. Please refer to Appendix A for supply eligibility criteria, and to Appendix B for a “non-inclusive” sample list of ineligible purchases.

7. Are all teachers eligible to receive this allocation?

An eligible employee is described as a certified teacher employed on or before September 1, who’s fulltime or job share responsibility is the classroom instruction of students in eligible Pre-K (ESE) through Grade 12, including full-time media specialists and guidance counselors serving students in eligible Pre-K (ESE) through Grade 12. Additionally, pursuant to Florida Statute, only eligible Pre-K (ESE) through Grade 12 teachers who are funded through the Florida Finance Program are eligible to receive this payment; therefore, not all job titles are eligible. Some examples of ineligible job titles are: Pre-K Teachers (nonESE), Activities Directors, Athletic Directors, etc

8. Do I need to keep receipts for purchases of classroom supplies?

YES. Pursuant to Florida Statute 1012.71, each classroom teacher must keep receipts for no less than 4 years to show that funds expended meet the statutory requirements

9. Are all items available for purchase on ClassWallet allowable?

NO. Items that are available on ClassWallet do not automatically qualify for allowability under the specified guidelines. As an example, equipment, such as computers, tablets, smartboards, printers, etc., are available from ClassWallet, however, it does not mean that these items meet eligibility requirement. It is the employee’s responsibility to ascertain that items purchased meet the stated criteria for eligible supplies.

10. What vendors are available on ClassWallet?

ClassWallet has more than 40 of the nation’s top vendors; including Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, Scholastic, and School Specialty.

11. Do teachers need to pay for taxes?

NO. All purchases will be tax-exempt.

12. Do teachers need to pay for shipping?

Shipping costs are indicated on each store’s tile when visiting the ClassWallet marketplace. Certain vendors may offer free shipping with a minimum purchase

13. What if I purchase ineligible items?

The District will monitor the purchases made with these funds, and ineligible purchases, including but not limited to equipment and personal items, would require reimbursement to the District by the employee via payroll deduction or personal check (terminated employees). Some examples of ineligible purchases are: Equipment (including but not limited to computers, laptops, tablets, smartboards, printers, televisions, scanners, coffee makers, etc.), gift cards, furniture, food, etc. Employees that submit duplicate or fraudulent receipts will forfeit any and all funds received.

14. Who do I contact if I have questions about the ClassWallet platform?

Please contact ClassWallet directly at or by the ClassWallet Support Team at 1-877-969-5536.

15. When is the last day to make purchases or upload receipts for reimbursement?

The last day to make purchases through ClassWallet or to upload eligible receipts (for employees who provided acknowledgement by the September 14, 2020 deadline) will be March 5, 2021. This deadline cannot be extended, therefore, allow ample time (we recommend at least one week), to set up the account, upload receipts, verify your banking information with ClassWallet, etc

16. What happens if I do not spend all the funds by the deadline?

Pursuant to Florida Statute 1012.71, funds not spent by the specified deadline are to be returned to the school‘s ESSAC Committee.

17. How do I receive reimbursement for items already purchased?

Each employee is responsible for uploading and reviewing their own legible, eligible receipts. You can upload eligible receipts using the mobile browser on any smartphone, device, or computer to your ClassWallet account. Each receipt must be uploaded individually regardless of store or date of purchase. Do not combine multiple receipts in a single file as it will invalidate your submission. Reimbursement will be distributed according to the uploading order. Each receipt must clearly indicate the store name, date of purchase, a detail of the items purchased, and total amount. Credit card statements, credit card authorizations, order confirmations, packing slips, pick-up order confirmation, screenshots, etc. are not considered valid receipts. Once approved, funds will be deposited into your bank account within 4-5 days. All receipts and purchases will be subject to audit and review.

18. Why do I need to provide my mailing address?

Any teacher linking a new bank account to their ClassWallet account will be required to provide their home mailing address as part of the reimbursement process. This requirement has been implemented by ClassWallet in order to comply with federal antimoney laundering laws. Teachers who have already linked their accounts, and will continue to use it for reimbursement, will not be affected by this. Additionally, this year due to distance learning, employees will have the option to have items shipped to an address other than the schools/work location mailing address.

19. Can I purchase food/candy?

Food or candy is not an eligible purchase.

20. What if my purchases exceed the amount/balance allocated in ClassWallet?

If you desire to spend more than your available funds, you will be asked to enter a credit/debit card to pay the difference.

21. What are some example of ineligible purchases?

Refer to Appendix B for a “non-inclusive” sample list of items that have been determined to be ineligible purchases.

22. What if I need to return a purchase?

For returns on purchases made directly through ClassWallet’s vendors, you must contact ClassWallet at or by calling the ClassWallet Support Team at 1-877-969-5536. Return policies and times will vary by vendor. Employees that bypass the ClassWallet return policy by returning items directly to the vendor and receiving store credit will forfeit any monies received.

23. What if I need to delete a receipt uploaded to ClassWallet in error

Make sure you carefully review your receipts prior to submission. In the event you need to remove an erroneous uploaded receipt, you must contact ClassWallet directly at or by calling the Support Team at 1-877-969-5536 immediately. Once the receipts have been funded by ClassWallet to your bank account, errors cannot be corrected or revised.

24. How do I know if a submitted inquiry, dispute or an issue has been resolved by ClassWallet?

It is the employee’s responsibility to follow up with ClassWallet on the status of any pending issues. In anticipation of the March 2, 2020, deadline, employees should allow ample time for matters/open items to be resolved (we recommend at least one week).