Lenoir City Schools



PURPOSE: To establish procedures for the proper expenditure for funds allocated to purchase instructional, classroom, or technology-rated materials or supplies SCOPE: These procedures apply to all Lenoir City School employees who are allotted teacher instructional material and supply funds through the ClassWallet portal. PROCEDURE: 1. BEP teacher instructional material and supply funds will be allocated to teachers and other licensed personnel for the purchase of instructional materials and supplies in the amount $200 per person. 2. All purchases must be made using the ClassWallet portal, either by (a) purchasing from vendors in the Class Wallet marketplace, or (b) by uploading a receipt into ClassWallet. The CIassWallet portal retains all itemized receipts for purchases. 3. Only authorized purchases for instructional or classroom supplies may be made through the portal. Purchases must be for items to be used in the classroom for the direct benefit of students. Materials and supplies are defined as items that are consumed, worn out or deteriorated through use. Personal purchases may not be made through the ClassWallet portal. 4. Purchases made through the ClassWallet portal must follow all applicable purchasing policies and procedures of Lenoir City Schools. 5. Allocations will be available to spend on the ClassWallet portal through May 1. Purchases from Marketplace vendors and uploading receipts will not be allowed after May 1. All unspent funds will be returned to the district and will be used to purchase supplies and materials that benefit the school as a whole. 6. If a teacher transfers to another school in the Lenoir City School District, the prindpal will decide if items purchased with teacher instructional supply and materials funds can be transferred to the new school or whether those items must stay at the school. 7. If a teacher moves out of the Lenoir City School District, all items purchased with teacher instructional material and supply funds must remain with Lenoir City Schools. 8. Employees who expend funds on unallowable items may be subject to the following actions, at the discretion of the Principal or Director of Schools:

a. Immediate repayment of any personal or unauthorized purchases; b. Written conference documentation placed in the employee’s personnel file; c. Suspension or termination; and d. The pursuit of criminal charges.

APPROVED: Dr. Jeanne Barker When you initially sign in to your ClassWallet account you will have to accept the online affidavit before continuing with the registration process. By checking the “Click to Accept” checkbox on the online affidavit, I (1) agree to receive an allotment for classroom instructional supplies and materials; understand that these funds may be spent only on instruction, classroom, or technology-related materials or supplies that directly benefit students, and (3) understand the consequences if I fail to use the funds for anything other than instructional, classroom, or technology-related materials or supplies that directly benefit students.