Logan City School District

Logan City School District Legislative Teacher Supply Funds

I am employed by Logan City School District as a certified teacher. I acknowledge that the Legislative Teacher Supply Funds are available to according to Utah Code R277-459 as follows:

“Teacher supplies and materials” means both consumable and non-consumable items that are used for educational purposes by teachers in classroom activities and may include such items as:

  1. Paper, pencils, workbooks, notebooks, supplementary books and resources;
  2. Laboratory supplies, e.g. photography materials, chemicals, paints, bulbs (both light and flower), thread, needles, bobbins, wood, glue, sandpaper, nails, and automobile parts;
  3. Laminating supplies, chart paper, art supplies, and mounting or framing materials;
  4. The definition of teaching supplies and materials should be broadly construed in so far as the materials are used by the teacher for instructional purposes or to protect the health of teachers and students in instructional or lab settings, or in conjunction with field trips.

The materials and supplies purchased with these funds are the property of the LEA (aka Logan City School District).

  1. Employees do not personally own materials purchased with designated public funds.

Distribution of Funds

  1. This allocation must be spent before April 1, 2022, after which, all remaining funds will be recalled. DO NOT wait until the last week to spend your funds.
  2. These funds shall supplement, not supplant, existing funds for identified purposes.
  3. These funds shall be accounted for by the school district procurement and accounting policies.

Please note:

  1. Items purchased must be used for educational purposes only.
  2. Gift cards/certificates to restaurants and/or other vendors are not allowed.
  3. When submitting for reimbursements, please include the entire receipt showing the items purchased, vendor name, date purchased and the total amount. Photos and scans must be readable.
  4. Receipts submitted for reimbursement should not include items for personal use.

I understand that sales tax will not be reimbursed if a purchase is made outside of ClassWallet.

I also understand that orders will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Click here to view Utah Code R277-459 in its entirety