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Better Oversight.
Less Paperwork.
Awesome Culture.

Eliminate paperwork and create a culture that people are excited to be a part of by giving ClassWallet to users who make a lot of “day-to-day” purchases.

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What we do

Most purchasing and accounts payables paperwork is generated from the high volume of “day-to-day” supply and unplanned purchases

While maintaining the highest levels of oversight and control, ClassWallet eliminates paperwork and manual processes, and gives users a nimble way to purchase goods and services.

ClassWallet eliminates paperwork.


establish what they can buy, where they can buy it, and how much they can spend.


automates the receipt collection, approval workflow, data reconciliation and transaction settlement.

Your Organization

evolves into an awesome, more productive, paperless work culture that all stakeholders are excited to be a part of.

Suite of Solutions

A Complete Solution for Several Types of Users

Give ClassWallet to your teachers, maintenance crews and families.


For Teachers

Empower Teachers Without Compromising Oversight

TeacherWallet is a more streamlined way for teachers to get the resources they need to maximize student outcomes

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For Maintenance Crews

Bridging the Gap Between Maintenance & Finance Depts

MaintenanceWallet is a better way for maintenance crews to get supplies and accomplish their goals more efficiently

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For Students & Families

Provide an Optimal Experience for Grant and Scholarship Recipients

FamilyWallet is a more impactful way for students to get goods and services outside the school system

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Purchasing Methods Through ClassWallet

ClassWallet Purchasing Methods

Streamline back office reconciliation with all the controls you need for any type of transaction – whether online or with local retailers and service providers.



Industry leading online merchants for educational resources, technology, supplies and facilities maintenance have integrated and accept ClassWallet as a form for payment.

Debit Card

Debit Card

Designed to mirror the benefits of an open PO but without the issues. Works only at the stores you allow with budget limits per store, user, expense type and department.

ACH Payment

ACH Payment

Professional development, tutoring, tuition, therapy and payment for other services with digital receipt capture and approval workflow.

ACH Payment


End-to-end reimbursement management system with electronic receipt capture, approval workflow and direct deposit.

ClassWallet States & Districts
States with District Contracts


States with State-Wide Contracts