Manage District Revenue and Expenses More Efficiently.

The recent availability of federal funding has placed new tracking and monitoring requirements on school districts and state education agencies.

Associated with this funding is an increase in workload on already stressed staff who are responsible for distributing, managing, and using these funds!

ClassWallet Delivers

Provide funds quickly, without losing oversight, as close to the student as possible.
Simplify the frustrating process of managing cash, checks, receipts, and forms, reconciling paperwork and receipts.
Free up teacher time so that they can focus on meeting student needs.
Case Study

Creating a Culture of Fiscal Accountability, Seamlessly

Alachua School District Case Study

Alachua County Public Schools

Gainesville, Florida

Located in Gainesville, Florida, Alachua County Public School District consists of 44 schools, with 1,800 teachers and 30,000 students.


The district needed a faster and more efficient way to distribute classroom instructional funds to teachers.


Alachua County rolled out ClassWallet's TeacherWallet solution in early 2019.


Easy implementation.
Eliminated administrative burdens.
Saved substantial time and costs.