ClassWallet for the hard-to-track

Education Emergency Relief funded programming

Maximize impact by minimizing administration

☑ Homeless Students


☑ Internet Connectivity

☑ Learning Loss

☑ Mental Health

☑ Devices

☑ Summer Enrichment Programs

☑ Tutoring

☑ Afterschool Programming

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What We Do


When programs fall outside the ordinary course of your business, reporting & compliance can mean more paperwork

While maintaining the highest levels of oversight and control, ClassWallet eliminates paperwork and manual processes, and gives users a nimble way to purchase goods and services.

App in mobile & desktop


establish what they can buy, where they can buy it, and how much they can spend.


automates the receipt collection, approval workflow, data reconciliation and transaction settlement.

Your Agency

maximizes impact of GEER, ESSER & EANS funds and gets all the reporting fully reconciled in a completely paperless and automated manner

Popular Platform Features for GEER, ESSER & EANS

Make GEER, ESSER & EANS funds easier to track

○ Learning Loss ○ EANS ○ Summer Enrichment Programs ○ Homeless Students ○ Mental Health ○ Internet Connectivity ○ Tutoring ○ Devices ○ After School Programming

Payment Methods

ClassWallet's suite of features allows you to meet challenging GEER, ESSER & EANS program reporting and audit objectives without missing a beat.



End-to-end reimbursement management system with electronic receipt capture, approval workflow and direct deposit.


Service Provide Payments

ACH direct deposit with digital receipt capture and approval workflow.

ecommerce marketplace


Industry leading online merchants for educational resources, technology, supplies and facilities maintenance have integrated and accept ClassWallet as a form for payment.

debit card

Debit Card

Designed to mirror the benefits of an open PO but without the issues.  Works only at the stores you allow with budget limits per store, user, expense type and department.

The Country's Leading Platform for Education Emergency Relief

ClassWallet is used by education agencies across the country

Texas TEA
Suite of Solutions

A Complete Solution for all your Education Emergency Relief needs

For Teachers

Direct funding to educators for supplemental resources to address learning loss and mental health.

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For Schools

Block grants to schools including nonpublic schools.

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For Students & Families

Help families pay for summer camp, afterschool programming, hotspots, devices, tutors, and mental health therapy.

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For Maintenance Crews

Track facilities maintenance transactions to education emergency relief related objectives.

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Find out how ClassWallet can help you

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