Empowering Teachers with Classroom Budgets

Empowering Teachers with Classroom Budgets

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A Letter from ClassWallet CEO, Jamie Rosenberg, on Using Classroom Budgets for Teacher Empowerment

Cashless, paperless funding, spending, tracking, payment and automated reconciliation platform has numerous benefits including teacher empowerment.

I have been working with teachers across our country for 20 years.  In 1998, I started AdoptAClassroom.org, funding classrooms in 30% of school markets, and in 2014 I launched ClassWallet, a spend management software.  In 2018, I have never seen teacher discontent as high as it is now.  Teachers are striking across the nation; teacher absenteeism is now a chronic problem; approximately 50% of teachers leave the profession after just 5 years.  So, how do we create teacher empowerment and get them to continue educating our nation’s children?

I have been seeing a trend developing with ClassWallet that is reversing teacher discontent.  While our customers adopt ClassWallet as a spend management software to reduce business office overhead and obtain better procurement quality control, they are seeing a secondary benefit.  Teachers are sharing their pleasure in feeling more empowered with ClassWallet and having immediate access to funding.  Having real-time access to a classroom budgeting tool is allowing teachers to quickly and nimbly respond to student needs.  They no longer have to submit a Purchase Order and wait to be reimbursed for what they buy for their classrooms.  As a result, teachers feel more in control with their own classroom budgeting tool and can do their job more effectively getting the resources they need quicker.

Listen to this video of a School District CFO explain the benefits of ClassWallet to both his school business team and his teachers:

We are engaged in conversations with several state and national organizations about ClassWallet as a must-have for teacher satisfaction.  This is the purpose behind what drives ClassWallet and why I started the spend management software for school districts.  I look forward to keeping you posted as we empower more teachers throughout the U.S.

If you are interested in empowering your teachers with their own classroom budgets, email us today to see how we can help: Mpage@classwallet.com