Baker County School District



PURPOSE: : To establish procedures for the proper expenditure for funds allocated to purchase instructional, classroom, or technology-related materials or supplies that directly benefit students.

SCOPE: These procedures apply to all Baker County School District employees who are allotted classroom instructional supply funds through the ClassWallet portal.


  1. Classroom supply funds in an amount determined by the Legislature will be allocated to teachers and other eligible personnel for the purchase of instructional materials and supplies. The allocated funds will be available on the ClassWallet portal ( by September 30, 2021.
  2. Purchases made through the ClassWallet Marketplace or receipts submitted for reimbursement must be made in compliance with Florida Statute 1012.71(2). "The funds appropriated are for classroom teachers to purchase, on behalf of the school district or charter school, classroom materials and supplies for the public school students assigned to them and may not be used to purchase equipment. The funds appropriated shall be used to supplement the materials and supplies otherwise available to classroom teachers."
  3. Classroom instructional supply funds will be available to spend on the ClassWallet portal until April 29, 2022. Please ensure that all funds are spent by April 29, 2022.
  4. Employees who expend classroom supply funds on anything other than instructional, classroom, or technology-related materials or supplies that directly benefit the students are subject to the following actions, at the discretion of the principal and/or Superintendent:
    • a) Immediate payment of any personal or unauthorized purchases;
    • b) Reduction or elimination of the dollar amount of classroom instructional supply funds in future school year(s);
    • c) Written conference documentation placed in the employee’s personnel file;
    • d) Further action at the discretion of the Superintendent
  5. Unused funds will be returned to the District and deposited into the school advisory council account of the school at which the classroom teacher returning the funds was employed when that teacher received the funds.

When you initially sign in to your ClassWallet account you will have to accept the online affidavit which references this document before continuing with the registration process.


By clicking to "Accept" the online affidavit:

I agree I am employed by the Baker County District School Board as a full-time classroom teacher, guidance counselor, or librarian. I acknowledge that Florida Teachers Classroom Supply funds are appropriated by the Legislature for the sole purpose of purchasing classroom materials and supplies to be used in the instruction of students assigned to me. In accepting custody of these funds, I acknowledge that the funds are distributed under the Internal Revenue Service Rules as an Accountable Plan. As such, I acknowledge the business purpose of the usage of these funds and I acknowledge that I am responsible for returning any unused funds as of April 29, 2022.

I have read and agree to comply with the Baker County School District’s classroom supply funds procedures as shown here.