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PURPOSE: To establish procedures for the proper expenditure for funds allocated to purchase instructional materials that directly benefit students.

SCOPE: These procedures apply to all Birmingham City School Board employees who are allotted student instructional material funds through the ClassWallet portal. These procedures also apply to those individuals not allocated funds but are responsible for placing orders for items not available through the main ClassWallet vendors.


  1. The State Department of Education allocation of $700 for 2021-2022 school year will be distributed to teachers and other certificated personnel for the purchase of student instructional materials. The allocated funds will be available on the ClassWallet portal ( on October 18, 2021.
  2. Reimbursement from your ClassWallet account (New this year on a trial basis): Reimbursement for personally purchased student instructional materials will be allowed if the following requirements are met:
    1. Only allowable items will be reimbursed. See current list in eTrieve under “Finance News Instructions and Documents.”
    2. A fully legible, itemized receipt is uploaded to the ClassWallet reimbursement module. NOTE: Sales tax paid will not be refunded. Receipt must be dated between 10/18/2021 and 4/22/2022. It must be from a reputable vendor and verifiable.
    3. Details of how the items will be used are entered in the reimbursement module.
    4. Your personal bank account is linked to your ClassWallet reimbursement account. Reimbursements will be made by electronic funds transfer only. If you have questions about allowable items for reimbursement, send an email to with the details and your contact info.
  3. Purchases made using the ClassWallet portal are the easiest method of getting the student instructional materials needed for your classroom. However, if you need specialty items not available in the marketplace, you have the option of requesting an Amazon order be placed on your behalf or using the reimbursement feature as outlined in #2 above. Amazon purchases are made by filling out an Amazon order request form. Please contact your bookkeeper or for the form.
  4. All purchases made through the ClassWallet portal must be made in compliance with the State of Alabama Code 16-1-8.1 regarding classroom instructional support. “Monies allocated for classroom instructional support may be spent for classroom instructional support purposes only, to be used either by classroom teachers or students in each teacher’s respective classes. It shall be permissible to expend these monies on instructional equipment and electrical equipment which is actually utilized with students in the teacher’s classroom.”
  5. FY 2021-2022 Student Instructional Material funds important dates:
    1. 10/18/2021, Start of shopping, reimbursement and Amazon order requests
    2. 03/31/2022, Last day to request an Amazon order
    3. 04/18/2022, Last day to link bank accounts for reimbursement
    4. 04/22/2022, Last day to submit receipts for reimbursement
    5. 04/28/2022, Last day of marketplace shopping
    6. Please ensure that all funds are spent before April 28, 2022. No order can be placed after this deadline so order early!
  6. Employees who expend classroom instructional supply funds on anything other than instructional, classroom materials or supplies that directly benefit the students are subject to the following actions, at the discretion of the Chief School Financial Officer and/or Superintendent:
    1. Immediate payment of any personal or unauthorized purchases;
    2. Reduction or elimination of the dollar amount of classroom instructional supply funds in future school year(s);
    3. Written conference documentation placed in the employee’s personnel file;
    4. Suspension;
    5. Termination; and/or
    6. The pursuit of criminal charges.
  7. Transfer with Teacher not allowed According to Section 16-1-8.1 paragraph 10, items purchased with classroom instructional supply funds must remain in the classroom. If transferred to a different school, teachers must not take the items purchased with these funds to the new school. The same rule applies if a teacher moves out of district. All items purchased with classroom instruction as must remain in the classroom where the teacher was assigned.

When you initially sign in to your ClassWallet account you will have to accept the online affidavit which references this document before continuing with the registration process. By checking the "Click to Acccept" checkbox on the online affidavit I, (1) agree to receive an allotment for classroom instructional supplies; (2) understand that these funds may be spent only on instructional, classroom, or technology-related materials or supplies that directly benefit students; and (3) understand the consequences if I fail to use the funds for anything other than instruction, classroom, or technology-related materials or supplies that directly benefit students.

Please note: While you may see training videos for the use of Debit Cards, Birmingham City Schools is not using that feature of the ClassWallet system.

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