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Baldwin County Public Schools 2600 N Hand Avenue Bay Minette, AL 36507


I agree to adhere to and comply with the Code of Alabama, Section 16-1-8.1, which specifies that all elements of classroom instructional support (CIS) as provided in the Foundation Program, including, but not limited to, student materials and other classroom instructional support approved by the State Board of Education:

“All funds allocated in the Foundation Program shall be spent only for the purpose for which they were allocated. Any funds allocated by the Legislature for student materials shall be given directly to each teacher as specified in the allocation for use directly in his or her classroom as determined exclusively by the teacher.” Additionally, per Section 16-1-8.1, “All monies allocated for classroom instructional support may be spent for classroom instructional support purposes only, to be used either by classroom teachers or students in each teacher’s respective classes. It shall be permissible to expend these monies on instructional equipment and electrical equipment which is actually utilized with students in the teacher’s classroom”

Additionally, I agree that purchases made via ClassWallet portal in conjunction with personal credit cards for classroom instructional supplies shall be deemed as a donation to the respective school and in no way shall be considered personal property. Any reimbursements via ClassWallet must qualify as an allowable instructional supply purchase in which no taxes will be included in reimbursement.

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