Arizona ESA Vendor Sign Up

Arizona ESA Vendor Sign Up

Thanks for reaching out to ClassWallet. We are pleased to be servicing the Arizona ESA program this year and look forward to best serving the children, parents, AZDE and you.

Are you a school or service provider (tutor, therapist, etc)?

The first step is to complete the Pre-Registration Form

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Do you sell education resources, materials and supplies available for purchase through an ecommerce experience?

There are three ways to get included in the ClassWallet platform

cXML Punchout
Shopify / WooCommerce Plugin
Order by Email
How It Works

Pay by ClassWallet button on your checkout experience

Pay by ClassWallet button on your checkout experience

Shoppers go to your website, create a cart or purchase order then go to ClassWallet with PDF or screen grab and upload it


cXML – several hours of IT development

Shopify or WooCommerce – 30 minutes of IT development

  • Receive orders by email
  • Receive ACH as form for payment
  • No restrictions of items allowed to be ordered
  • If you have special instructions, they must be communicated on your website

Starting at 2.5% Processing Fee

To get started, fill out the following short form and we will get back to you quickly to find the best way to get your company on the ClassWallet platform