About ClassWallet

About ClassWallet

Better Oversight. No Paperwork. Awesome Culture.

The ClassWallet Story

ClassWallet was founded in 2014 to address the challenges that teachers have in purchasing classroom supplies. 

The company has evolved from those roots to an industry-leading financial technology platform for state and local education agencies as an efficient and nimble payment platform for teachers, maintenance crew, and parents.

Dedicated to helping education agencies deliver a better education experience


The mission of ClassWallet is to empower education agencies to achieve the highest levels of accountability, productivity, and back-office efficiency while cultivating a culture of trust and flexibility for their staff and stakeholders.

Who We Are

ClassWallet is a financial technology company with an innovative, patented suite of solutions covering all stages of the purchasing cycle for education agencies.

Education agencies give ClassWallet to teachers, maintenance crew and parents who generate a high volume of low dollar value transactions.

While maintaining the highest levels of oversight and control, ClassWallet substantially reduces paperwork and manual processes, gives users a nimble way to purchase goods and services, and creates an awesome culture.

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Jamie Rosenberg, ClassWallet CEO
Jamie Rosenberg

ClassWallet Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about helping education; Serial entrepreneur; Quit M&A law to dedicate career to helping teachers; Founder of AdoptAClassroom.org, which has helped teachers in 1/3 of schools in the US and improved the learning environment for 3.5mm children

Neil Steinhardt, ClassWallet Co-Founder & President
Neil Steinhardt

ClassWallet Co-Founder & President

Twenty years as financial technology and payments leader; Former CEO of Skrill USA and General Manager of paysafecard.com.USA

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ClassWallet is a financial technology platform for education organizations that want a better way to oversee teachers, maintenance staff, and parent purchases.  ClassWallet replaces paper-intensive processes increasing efficiency, and gives users the benefit of a flexible and nimble way to pay for goods and services.