A year of change!

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December 14, 2021

This year was a transformative year for ClassWallet.  Our growth has been incredibly exciting and fulfilling. We were able to positively impact the lives of so many educators, families and students, while delivering real value to our customers in the business offices we serve.

Equally as rewarding has been seeing the ClassWallet family grow and welcoming so many wonderful people into our journey. Despite the challenges of being together, we managed to form great bonds across many cities and continents. Everyone has performed to the highest levels and supported each other with grace and humor. I am most grateful to our loyal customers and our amazing team. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy holiday season and new year!

Jamie Rosenberg, CEO ClassWallet

Kate Baker Demers of the Children’s Scholarship Fund in New Hampshire uses ClassWallet and shared with us how it has helped her and her team manage funds, “I’m hoping to help ESA program administrators across the nation. There’s a lot of agencies out there just lost. I’m getting a lot of phone calls from people in other states asking me how we did this. And I tell them ClassWallet is to credit. It’s the only way to be efficient and foolproof while avoiding fraud.” She continues “ClassWallet is so transparent and yet also so easy to regulate— every little expense down to the pencil is in there. It eliminates so many of the discussions that people have about fraud.” READ MORE (link to blog or case study, right now neither are on the site, let’s figure out where to put them)

Currently, ClassWallet’s digital wallet technology is being used in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Carolina, and to support the EANS program. In these states, non-public schools have access to funds and easy-to-use tools to submit for reimbursement and pay approved vendors for purchases. The digital wallet streamlines the distribution and management, including reporting. The automated process saves EANS program managers time and money as staffers no longer need to do manual processing for thousands of expenditures. Plus, because ClassWallet’s digital wallet can be configured with purchasing permissions and restrictions, the payment method reduces the risk of non-compliant purchases.

Dr. Dakeyan Graham, Executive Director in the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice for the Florida Department of Education, manages the state’s EANS program and uses ClassWallet to streamline distribution and management. READ MORE  (link to blog or case study, right now neither are on the site, let’s figure out where to put them)