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way to manage your purchasing and reimbursement process.

Maintain compliance and control while saving valuable time and resources.

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ClassWallet streamlines purchasing and reimbursement ClassWallet streamlines purchasing and reimbursement

We Believe There Is A Better Way

We are champions of finance officers and finance teams. We firmly believe that by taking your process digital, you will save valuable time, giving you more time to focus on the critical needs of the people you serve.

The ClassWallet Way is the Better Way
The Old Way
The Old Way

A True End-to-End Solution

Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

ClassWallet App for desktop and mobile

From purchasing school supplies to distributing microgrants, ClassWallet helps customers through the purchasing and reimbursement process.

Designed so you maintain complete control and compliance, our software solution enables you to:
  • Work smarter
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Avoid undue costs

Success Story

With funding challenges and government mandates, school administrators are under increasing pressure to do more with less.
Alachua County Public Schools
"If I roll something out and I don't hear anything about it, then it's a smashing success."

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Your Mission Is About More Than Just Managing Money

It's about serving your community. Here are the communities ClassWallet serves:

K-12 Education

Avoid risk, increase transparency and reduce processing time in the purchasing and reimbursement process. Manage school, classroom, and building purchases in a streamlined and digital way.

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State Agencies

Need to distribute funds to many users? ClassWallet makes it easy for agencies to strengthen compliance and reduce administrative costs.

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Family Scholarships

ClassWallet helps organizations make the most of their resources. Streamline disbursement of payments, reduce staff hours, and fully centralize records for grant fund distribution, tracking, and reporting.

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of teachers in the US have ClassWallet
of states have government agencies working with ClassWallet
in K-12 scholarships & microgrants

Take Your Paper Process Digital:

Supplies & Material
Federal & State
& Operations
Savings Accounts

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Save time in a totally paperless environment without sacrificing compliance.