3 Ways ClassWallet Elevates a Digital Wallet Rollout

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Students helped by digital wallet technology

Ready. Set. Launch.

3 Ways ClassWallet Elevates a Digital Wallet Rollout

As legislators and policymakers gathered at the recent National Conference for State Legislators (NCSL) in Indianapolis, ClassWallet was thrilled to have share our innovative platform to the assembly. Our patented digital wallet technology offers a solution that can redefine the way public funds were managed, unlocking a new era of efficiency, compliance, and transparency.

ClassWallet’s Value to Public Funding

District administrators, principals and teachers all fantasize about what they’d do with more time in your day. We’re betting they’d rather spend it focused on student outcomes – not on administrative tasks. Yet, 70% of school leaders say they spend more than six hours a week on administrative paperwork.

At ClassWallet, we want to save time spent on those tasks so all school staff can focus on their mission of student success. Our easy-to-use platform provides a seamless setup for success from the beginning and ensures all stakeholders know how the digital wallet platform works. We’re talking less than a month to implement and tools to help launch the digital wallet across your district right away.

Keep reading for three ways ClassWallet ensures you can successfully launch digital wallet technology at your school or district and beyond:

  1. Answers from the Start:

    Digital wallet technology is a newer, emerging innovation in education. That’s why it’s crucial to explain what it is and make sure staff members feel comfortable and confident using the technology. At ClassWallet, our digital platform technology enables principals, teachers and designated staff to make rule-based purchases and reimbursements within built-in compliance "guardrails" that automate the tracking and reconciliation of payments. Simply put, the platform allows educators to make purchases easily and in a controlled manner that’s set and monitored by the finance team.

    At ClassWallet, we take great pride in the fact that our market-leading platform is easy to implement. We also provide clients with a "rollout playbook" that covers all of the specifics of using a digital wallet, such as payment options (e.g., debit, ACH, e-commerce and reimbursement), spending limits, approval processes and go-live date and set expectations.

  2. Unlimited Administrator and User Training:

    Even though 97 percent of ClassWallet users don’t require any additional training after the initial training to use the platform, we offer unlimited support and assistance. Our account management team is here to help all users get comfortable with the platform and see the benefits of our digital wallet technology in action via live admin trainings, recorded trainings and PDF aids that can be shared.

    From training during the onboarding process to answering questions that come up throughout the year, our account managers are eager to share details about digital wallet technology and to show off how easy it is to set up, log in and begin using a ClassWallet digital wallet.

    Account administrators will also be introduced to their Client Success Team, which will walk them through the onboarding process. Their team will be there to help with implementation plans, provide communication templates to share with users, discuss account funding and solutions, and address any other needs.

  3. Ongoing Support and Reporting:

    After launch, ClassWallet’s team stays in touch with administrators and conducts regular account reviews to gather insights, view trends and identify additional cost savings or opportunities. In addition, we provide ongoing support for things like monthly balance and deadline reminders, automated and customized reports, and annual customer satisfaction surveys.

    ClassWallet is also available via live chat, email and by calling customer support at (877) 969-5536 or through our online information hub, Knowledge Base.

Every customer is different but many of the purchasing and reimbursement challenges that CFOs and their departments face are similar across the board. We believe there is a better way to meet purchasing and reimbursement needs. ClassWallet empowers finance officers to overcome complexities and manual processes and benefit from the leading automated solution on the market.

Embark on a digital wallet journey with complete control and compliance. Contact ClassWallet to learn more here.